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  • Travel in Europe After Overstayed Schengen Visa

    Can I travel to Italy from the Netherlands after overstaying the Schengen Visa? Updated answer to question Hello Jatinder, I just received an email today from a guy who overstayed his Schengen visa by 15 days and was deported to his country of origin and fined 160 Euro as he tried to travel from Germany [...]

  • Overstaying Visa in Germany

    Hello, If you have overstayed your visa in Germany for over one year, I would probably recommend leaving the region by way of a third country. There are plenty of options for getting to another country in Western Europe, but I would highly recommend traveling from Germany to another country outside of the Schengen zone. [...]

  • Cultural Questions

    Cultural Questions at the Casa Amarela Guesthouse I want to go to Germany, because I do not understand the German people.I believe that it is safe to say that there is such a phenomenon know as cultural tendencies; that various people from different cultures and corners of the globe evince shades of character that have [...]