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  • So This Is Berlin

    This has to be one the cultural epicenter of the world.

  • An Introduction To Berlin

    A strange introduction to Berlin.

  • Duisburg To Berlin

    Duisburg, I believe, could be called normal Germany — and that’s what makes it a good stop.

  • The View From My Window: Duisburg, Germany

    My impression when I look out at Germany.

  • Always Looking For Places To Hang Laundry

    Yes, still washing clothes by hand.

  • From Brussels To Germany

    Coming into German, I get what I expected.

  • Berlin Travel Guide

    Visiting Berlin doesn’t need to be expensive. I will take you into the world of Berlin’s hidden historic treasures. What you are about to read, all these attractions are free to attend. So relax and enjoy planning out your trip to one of the most beautiful cities in German. Berlin is history and modernization at [...]

  • Germany Border Crossing

    Crossing the border to and from Germany Border crossing can be a stressful part of traveling, this page is to provide information about crossing the German border. Did you ever cross a land border to or from Germany? If so, submit a record of your experience crossing this border. The more information a traveler has, the [...]

  • Can I Return to Europe After Overstaying Schengen Visa

    Can you return to Europe as a tourist after overstaying the Schengen visa? Hello, This is a tough question to answer because immigration policy is often very inconsistently applied around the Schengen region, but it is my impression that you should be in the clear: you paid your fine in Zurich and have been away [...]

  • Germany Visa

    Travel Visas to Germany Submit information and links about how to obtain travel visas to Germany. How did you get your Germany visa? Contribute information below to help other travelers. Reader questions about visas to Germany Overstayed visa in Germany, what to do? i arrived in frankfurt the middle of august 2010, i am a [...]