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  • Epidemic in France

    Epidemic in FranceAccording to the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the Fire Pig: a year for epidemics, famine, and plague. Right now in the South of France over a million people are in the hospital with a virus that has been spread around to almost every person in this region. The hospitals have [...]

  • Christmas in France

    Christmas in FrancePassed Christmas in France with friends from Chile. It was a real warm time as I watched their three children open their presents. They yelled and screamed with excitement and kissed and hugged the newly minted pink plastic toys that they freshly unwrapped. Christmas in France was really nice. Mira and I gave [...]

  • The Dancing Hitchhiker Video

    The Dancing Hitchhiker VideoAfter standing on the side of a highway in France for a touch longer than she fancied, Mira from WanderjahrJill came up with a new way to get a ride:DancingThat is right, not even a little leg show or burly old me hiding in the bushes was going to get these French [...]

  • In Montpellier France

    In Montpellier FranceMontpellier seemed to be a decent place to walk around for a day. . . Or ride the tram. I think buying an all-day pass on a city train system and just riding around at random all day is now one of my favorite things to do. You never know where you are [...]

  • Hitch-Hiking in France Part 2

    Hitch-Hiking in France Part 2To read the first part of this European hitch-hiking story please go to Hitch-Hiking to Andorra in WinterMira and I walked on from the highway junction that lead to Ales towards Nimes. We just tramped in the glorious French countryside and figured that if we would not get far hitch-hiking, we [...]

  • Hitch-Hiking to Andorra in Winter Part 1

    Hitch-Hiking to Andorra in Winter Part 1It can be said that all adventures begin with a bad idea. As such, this plan to hitch-hike to Andorra from Anduze, France in the beginning of winter was hashed. I do not how this happened. For some reason I have always wanted to go to Andorra. I have [...]

  • French Hygiene and Stereotypes

    French Hygiene and StereotypesHygiene in France- if there is such a thing- is somewhat different than in most parts of the planet. I am in a position where I must state that the smelly French man stereotype really did come from somewhere. It is true- French people stink.Well, so do I. But I am a [...]

  • Village Life in Southern France

    Village Life in Southern FranceI am overwhelmingly impressed by the quietude and quaintness of village life in the South of France. I am in Anduze now- I don’t know if anyone has ever even heard of this place- and I feel as if I am in a world apart from the information that comes flying [...]

  • The Tattoo Apprentice- Wanderjahr Jill

    The Tattoo Apprentice- Wanderjahr JillMira from the Wanderjahr Jill travel blog found herself in the shoes of the tattoo apprentice here in the south of France. My friend from Chile that we are visiting is a well established tattoo artist and, after looking over Mira’s drawings, agreed to teach her a little of the trade. [...]

  • France is Old

    France is OldI have been to France before, but I think that I slept through most of it. I rode a ferry boat out of Ireland in 2003 and landed in Cherbourg. From here, I walked around by the port for maybe an hour, tried to find decently priced food (failed), met some artists kids [...]