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  • From Brussels To Germany

    Coming into German, I get what I expected.

  • The View From My Window: Brussels

    Brussels is rough, well-worn, and integral world city, which is exactly what I’m looking for in a place.

  • Put Toilet Paper In The Toilet Sign

    Culture is never better shown than in contrast. Especially when it comes to bathrooms…

  • Leaving Holland Going To Belgium

    I’m leaving Holland now and have a strange feeling about the place.

  • Belgium Visa

    Belgium is part of the Schengen Zone, which means that your visa for Belgium is good for all of the countries in the immigration group and vice versa. So time spent in France will count towards your total in Belgium etc…

  • Work in Belgium Without Work Visa

    Can I get in trouble for working illegally in Belgium? Hello Tom, There seems to be a certain amount of irony in action when it comes to getting visas to work legally in the European Union. In order to inhibit foreign or illegal workers in their countries, they make it a very difficult and time [...]