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  • Slovakia Photos

    Slovakia PhotosThe following photographs are from Slovakia. They were taken as I rode my bicycle through the country from the Czech Republic to Hungary.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Budapest, Hungary- August 4, 2008 Travelogue — Travel Photos ————–Follow the links to go to the pictures of Slovakia: Tourist attractions in Bratislava, Slovakia Architecture in Bratislava, [...]

  • Friends on the Road, Bratislava to Gyor

    Friends on the Road, Bratislava to Gyor- Bike Journey Day 13I rode out of Bratislava a happy, happy man. To put it simply, from my one night stop in the city, I did not find any reason to stay or to ever return. These are my most mild feelings.Bratislava is not a town for the [...]

  • Hodonin to Bratislava- Bicycle Journey Day 12

    From Hodonin, Czech Republic to Bratislava, Slovakia- Bicycle Journey Day 12Woke up to a beautiful day after a restful night at the Geology Museum in Hodonin. The sky was clear and blue and seemed lonely for lack of clouds. It was the perfect day for bicycle travel.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Bratislava, Slovakia- July 9, [...]

  • Leaving for Bratislava- Bicycle Journey Day 11

    Leaving for Bratislava- Bicycle Journey Day 11 I am getting ready to roll out of Hodonin and on towards Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. I have been told that it is between 70 and 120 km from where I am on the border, so I am hoping to make it in one long, hard day.————–Wade [...]