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  • ‘Be Flexible And Prepared To Get Stuck’ Nomadic Backpacker Traveling In The Balkans During The Pandemic Belgrade protests

    Travelling during the coronavirus pandemic is a bureaucratic minefield.

  • Escape From Kenya – Nomadic Backpacker Flees The Covid Lockdown In Africa KLM Plane

    Out of Kenya but still Trevor’ed.

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Serbia

    Serbia is a country in the the Balkans, in Eastern Europe. Serbia is generally a safe country to travel in. People are generally polite and friendly and willing to help tourists. That being said, here are some simple precautions and tips for keeping safe during your trip to Serbia. There is not too much violent [...]

  • Serbia Travel Guide

    This is an extreme budget travel guide to Serbia. Learn how to travel this country cheaply, find work, and not go broke. Use this guide to help you prepare for your travels to Serbia. It contains a country overview, budget travel tips, as well as suggested destinations.

  • Serbia Visa

    Travel Visas to Serbia Submit information and links about how to obtain travel visas to Serbia. How did you get your Serbia visa? Contribute information below to help other travelers. FAQ about visas to Serbia Is a visa to Serbia good for other European countries? hi Wade please can you answer my question am visiting [...]

  • Travel to Serbia while Pregnant

    Wade was eager to leave Budapest,having stayed in the city for over a month last summer working in a hostel. So we got on a bus and headed to the south, and ended up right next to the borders of both Serbia and Romania. “Where do you want to go Serbia or Romania?” Wade asked. [...]

  • The Bombing of Belgrade

    “Serbians don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow.” I met the Dancer on a soupy wet night in Belgrade. He told me right off that he was an actor and lived in a theater. My ears perked up at the mention of his interesting profession, and I began asking questions. This is what I do: I [...]

  • What it is Like to Travel in Serbia

    Unexpectedly alright is how I would summarize Belgrade. I was expecting to arrive in a bombed out, war-torn, ghetto of humanity when I stepped off of the bus into Belgrade. What I found was good people with interesting stories in a city that was very much welcoming and overtly friendly. Never in nearly all of my [...]

  • Europe is More Expensive to Travel in the Winter

    Europe is difficult to travel in the winter. Europe is a difficult continent to travel in the cold. Cold = shelter Shelter = money Europe is too expensive to travel in if you must pay for accommodation every night. I am doing a quick overland journey through Eastern Europe to Turkey and the Middle East. [...]

  • Car Theft in Belgrade

    I watched a man trying to steal a car today in Belgrade.  I was walking with Chaya down a side street and came up upon a parked car with its driver side door open. In the seat was a young man with a shaved bald head cutting open the wire box at the base of [...]