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  • Is it Safe to Travel in Montenegro?

    Dangers and warnings for travelers in Montenegro Montenegro is generally a safe country. Though there is never any guarantee of safety anywhere in the world. Here are some hints about how to avoid potentially risky or dangerous situations in Montenegro: Be aware of your personal belongings, especially around the coast in popular tourist areas. Pickpockets [...]

  • Travels in Montenegro

    Travels in MontenegroJumping up out of a crappy hotel bed in Bar, I raced to the window to check out what the city really looked like. I had arrived in the dark, and I cannot say that this placed looked very impressive. My only impression of Bar was of half built buildings, empty lots, and [...]

  • Hitchhiking Through Montenegro

    It is a funny thing the moment you realize that the charm of a particular place derives from its squalor. This is how I felt when Chaya and I entered Montenegro by foot as part of an unrequited hitchhiking journey that was suppose to take us from Dubrovnik in Croatia to a little village called [...]

  • Border Crossing Problems: Croatia to Montenegro

    The economic students dropped Chaya and I off at the Croatia/ Montenegro border, and sped off back the way that they we had came with big waves out of the tiny car’s tiny windows. It was obvious now that they had driven us 20 km to the border for the sake of kindness, perhaps because [...]

  • Hitchhiking from Croatia to Montenegro

    You are not hitchhiking until you get your first ride. Before you get your first lift you are just some wiener with his thumb sticking out on the side of a highway. Chaya and I were patiently awaiting the beginning of our Balkan hitchhiking journey on highway 17 that runs past Dubrovnik and onward to [...]