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  • Photos of Hungary and Budapest

    Photos of Hungary and BudapestThe following links lead to photos from Budapest in January 2009. For more pictures from Hungary go to Hungary Travel PhotosDanube River Parliment Budapest, HungaryGraffiti in Budapest HungaryArchitecture Danube Graffiti in Budapest HungaryMbuti Pygmies Tourist Attractions in Budapest HungaryGraffiti in Budapest.Boats in the Danube Duna River————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Travelogue [...]

  • Apartments in Budapest Cheaper Than Hotels

    I flew into Budapest, Hungary a few days ago without a plan for a place to stay. I have stayed in this city for over a month this past summer, and was ready to just pass right through. But Chaya needed to make a visit to a doctor, so I figured that I would need [...]

  • Travel Funds Low

    January 16, 2009- Contributions to Vagabond Journey.com- Travel Funds Low I recently received a contribution from a reader named Jennie in Wisconsin. I sent her out a postcard from Maine on my way out of the USA to Hungary. I know, it was not exactly a postcard from some far corner of the globe, but [...]

  • Budapest in Winter

    Budapest in Winter BUDAPEST, Hungary- Budapest in winter: stone cold, dour faced, medieval. I would not know where I was if it were not for my map that says Budapest across the top. I must remind myself that I have been here before. In the warm breezes and bright light of summer. I rode an [...]

  • Flying to Budapest, Hungary

    In JFK airport in New York City. Again. This airport has become an odd sort of surrogate home for me over the years. It is my last stop out of, as well as my first into, the country of my birth. This airport has etched itself into my traveler’s psyche, and I automatically feel the [...]

  • Bicycle Luke in Istanbul Turkey

    Bicycle Luke in IstanbulBicycle Luke, one of the more vibrant characters of this travelogue over the past few months, has finally arrived in Istanbul. He began traveling by bicycle from Scandinavia at the beginning of summer and rode all through the north of Eastern Europe, down to the Croatian coast, up to Bratislava, and met [...]

  • Travel Notes Hungary

    Notes from HungaryThe following are notes, anecdotes, and short stories from Hungary that I recorded in the cheap little notebooks that I perpetually keep folded up in my pockets. -“What is Japan like?”“You know, you get drunk and throw up rice.”-“Is this beer any good,” I asked the large bellied beer seller at a convenient [...]

  • Caving Under Budapest

    Caving Under BudapestI found myself trading a blog post for a caving tour that would take me into the caves and caverns that crawl under the bustling streets of Budapest. Not a bad trade, I must say, as I would not be able to afford such an activity if I did not write for it.Guided [...]

  • Hungary Travel Photos

    Hungary Travel PhotosThe following photographs are from Hungary.————–Wade from Vagabond Journey.com in Philadelphia, PA- September 1, 2008 Travelogue — Travel Photos ————–Click on the below links to go to the photos!Photos from Hungary – Gyor, Budapest: Bicycle Gear and Travel in Hungary Gyor Hungary Photos Hungarian Food and Women Hungarian Woman’s ClothesLinks to previous travelogue [...]

  • Back in Budapest from Balaton

    Back in Budapest from BalatonI arrived back in Budapest today and my friends at the Loft Hostel graciously set me up with a free bed. I am looking over these past three months of unintentional Eastern Europe travel with an overwhelming sense of preemptive nostalgia. I know that when I board that flight tomorrow it [...]