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  • Food in Hungary

    Eastern European seems to have a reputation for food that is somewhere higher than the British but lower than most of the traditional “foodie” countries such as France and Italy, which is really a shame. While my experience (through both travels and Hungarian ancestry) have found that yes, the food is a bit heavier and [...]

  • Tourist Visa After a Residency Permit in the Schengen Zone

    How to receive a tourist visa after a residency permit in the Schengen zone Well, when those residency permits end so does your right to be in the Schengen zone. While the bad news is that while you can’t change from a residency permit to a tourist visa from within the zone, the good news [...]

  • Hungary Visa

    Travel Visas to Hungary Hungary is part of Europe’s dreaded Schengen zone, and tourist visas are only good for 90 days between all 25 member states — a total of only a little over three days per country. More information on visas to Hungary Schengen visa questions Tourist visa after a residency permit in Hungary [...]

  • Overstayed Visa in Hungary – How to Exit Europe?

    Q: How to exit the Schengen zone after overstaying a tourist visa in Hungary? A: Hello, Don’t fret too much. What you did — overstaying your Schengen visa by a month — is not a very rare thing for someone to have done. Currently, as of right now, the only countries in the region that [...]

  • How to Use the Budapest Metro Subway

    Budapest, Hungary Subway Guide Introduction This is a guide for using the subway/metro system of Budapest, Hungary. It is four lines that traverse the city. It is a convenient way to travel around Budapest. Map of Budapest subway Subway metro map for Budapest, Hungary Cost of taking the Budapest metro/ subway The cost of a [...]

  • Hungary is Expensive

    My final case of inter-cultural contact in Hungary was with a little old man whose home I had rented out a room in for a single night. He spoke grateful goodbyes in a typical old man sort of way and I bowed in appreciation. Our languages were indecipherable to each other an his Hungarian goodbye chatter followed [...]

  • Buskers in Budapest

    Street performers in Budapest often ply their trade in the underground walkways beneath roads and in the subway terminals. I took these couple of photos on walks through the city. I placed a few coins in their busking box, and then I was free to snap away with my camera. I do not know how [...]

  • Hungary Border with Serbia and Romania at Szeged

    I am looking at a glass menagerie inside of an old lady’s home in the borderlands of Hungary. I am thinking about my life up to here. Glass menageries live a tenuous existence until that fateful day when they are smashed into a zillion pieces. As such is a man’s life. When trying and strong [...]

  • Travel from Hungary to Serbia

    I should be leaving Hungary tomorrow. I am going on to Serbia, on to a land that I have never been to before. I am excited. I am eager to explore its culture, people, and landscapes. I did not need to rent a car, but if I was going to I was told that having [...]

  • Journey into Fatherhood

    A heart is beating 150 times a minute inside of Chaya’s belly. I must admit that I put it there. I suppose this is what men do. Wade from VagabondJourney.com will become a father in August. He has no idea what is on the other side of this hill. New journeys, new horizons . . [...]