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Essentials for Getting Started With Your Family in a New City

How to move to a new location as easily as possible.

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A fresh start in a new locale may be just the change your family needs. Moving to a smaller city may mean a slower pace and subsequently less stress. A switch to a larger city means more options overall. Either choice can be an exciting and possibly daunting prospect. Don’t let the challenge deter you from making the most of the adventure ahead! Here are some things you may have yet to consider as you get this new phase of your life underway!

Where is home?

So how do you select the new city you will call home? At times, a move may be chosen for you by family circumstances or a new employer. If you get to set your own course, that is fantastic. But being directed to a new city by outside forces does not make it any less of an opportunity to make the most of. Think of new friends for your family, new experiences, and possibly an answer to a stalemate in your current life. Research your new area if possible before you move to familiarize yourself with how your family’s interests can best be served there.

Everyday responsibilities

There are the obvious and necessary things to address such as your new home, getting the kids in school or daycare, and of course finding a new job to fund this reboot if one was not waiting for you upon arrival. If employment is an issue, social media tied to the city and/or your area of expertise can be a big help with finding something that suits your refreshed life. Take advantage of whatever job finding services are locally available. And if all else fails, investigate remote work or employ yourself with a business of your own! Personal shopping, driving services, delivery gigs all provide a chance to learn more about the area as well as a source of cash.

Memories and playtime

But what about improving your quality of life and health by taking advantage of local parks and recreation? Maybe a walk or jog in a shady trail with your pup or little one rounds out your day.  A fun family outing for a hike and picnic or creek wading can be a memory creating experience. Some communities have yoga in the park, summer swimming and water activities for the kids, seasonal hayrides, and athletic clubs. Stay fit and entertained when you discover your new favorite green places nearby. Libraries, museums, botanical gardens, will educate and delight minds both young and old. You may have to convince little ones that a trip will be fun at first, but they will likely forget themselves and enjoy the outing and the bonding.

Activities for the kids

Do your kids a favor and get them involved in work or play situations to create their own community of friends outside of the home. Even if a move is a positive one, it can still be stressful. If you can help your children find positive influences, experiences, and people to stabilize them when they have left behind some parts of their life that held meaning they will adjust to change. Show them they can find new experiences and people that will enrich growing up.

Staying Healthy

Having an idea of what doctors and hospitals serve your area, and what insurance they accept is extremely important. If there are already medical concerns within your household, this is a priority. Play it safe if you are waiting for your benefits package to kick in with your new job.

Pet Care

So maybe you do have a prized fur baby in your new home or are looking to rescue a pet from a shelter when things settle down post move. Are there any fees associated with owning a pet where you will be? Have you investigated the veterinarians in your area? Is there a dog park nearby? There may be a leash law or other animal restrictions in your neighborhood. It may be worth your while to ask just how pet friendly your new city and its inhabitants are. Social media and a quick search for relevant info nearby should clear up your questions.

Drive time

Have you discovered the city you have moved to has everything, but it’s all 30 minutes or more of traffic snarls away? Just breathe and prepare yourself and your vehicle to avoid potential headaches and road rage. Blankets, water, fold away chairs or a stroller are always great to have stowed away in the back hatch. Water and non-perishable snacks for everyone can be stashed away for long waits. Don’t forget to pack your pup a collapsible water dish and pet food that defies spoilage like freeze dried dog food.

Find your squad

Invest some time in getting to know your neighbors and coworkers, even if you battle introversion. If you have moved a significant distance from family, it is nice to befriend someone local for a variety of reasons. Loneliness can set in before you realize it. Maybe a coworker has kids the same age as your own children. Maybe you could find a friend to take that daily jog with. It is always good to have someone outside of your household to rely on in a pinch. Also, who are you going to invite when you throw too many burgers on the grill? If your child has a birthday gathering and you need a fellow adult to keep your sanity in check, they can be there with alcohol for you and a gift for the birthday kid.

Making it home

Now for a true challenge, the unpacking. Empty those moving boxes and make that house or apartment a home for everyone. It will be a comfort seeing familiar belongings again. And eventually you will need clothes for whatever season is coming up. It is important to claim a space for your family, and for yourself. If you are starting out in a small apartment or home, allow yourself a place for a few plants or a spot to read and enjoy a cup of coffee. Creates a sense of belonging with a bit of this space set aside for your enjoyment. And don’t neglect adding a few new items to decorate your home.

Adult Swim

You have hit all the high points of what you have just read? It sounds as if you have earned some adult free time. Hire a sitter and text those new friends so they can show you what this city is all about, minus the kids! Fun restaurants, live music, comedy clubs, shopping may be completely different where you are now. Do something for yourself, because you care for others all day long. Celebrate this new chapter in your life!

Congrats! You and your family deserve whatever good things this move will usher into your lives. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen as smoothly as you planned, moving is rarely easy! Everyone will likely ease into the change of pace and surroundings after the initial stressors of moving resolve. Even though they may not say so, they appreciate all the effort you have put into making this move.


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