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  • Power Monkey Explorer Mobile Solar Charger

    I think we can just about all agree that the days of charging our mobile phones once a week are long gone. I have a HTC Desire and have to charge it twice daily no matter how many battery optimizer apps I download! This is not in itself a problem when you are at home [...]

  • Compaq Mini Laptop Computer

    Compaq Mini Travel Computer SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- After two years of traveling and running this website with Asus Eee PCs (three of them), it has become high time to shift alliances. I went with an HP Compaq Mini laptop. Why? For no other reason than it was the cheapest computer that I [...]

  • What Type of Electrical Adapters or Converters do you Need for Travel

    I assume that “assorted cords and cables” includes some sort of adapters for electrical outlets. What does one need in that respect? Hello Emery, There is not much to fret about when it comes to finding proper adapters and current converters for electronic equipment when traveling. Most high end electronics — laptop computers and digital [...]

  • Good Camera for Traveling

    What is a good camera for traveling? When choosing a digital camera for travel I often put durability, weather resistance, price, and size above the quality of photos that it takes. I usually go for cameras that can be submerged in water, have a steel casing, run off of a rechargeable lithium battery, are somewhat [...]

  • Computer Cord Malfunction

    Computer Cord MalfunctionIt is usually the small, insignificant seeming things that create big problems. The Discovery space shuttle was blown apart because of a faulty O-ring, my main computer could not make this journey because the plug receiver was loose.Now I am again almost out of commission: my laptop cord has bitten the dust.—————————- Wade [...]

  • Asus Eee PC 12 gig XP Gift

    Asus Eee PC 12 gig XP GiftUpon airing my new-found computer woes on this this travelogue – One Week Two Laptops Broken – a friend that I met in Guatemala through the Hobotraveler named Chris came to the rescue.Chris said that he was moving to Panajachal on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala and that he no [...]

  • Original Eee PC Not Good for Traveling Webmasters

    Original Asus Eee PC Not Good for Traveling WebmastersThe original model of the Asus Eee PC is good as a web appliance when on the Road, but when it comes down to creating and maintaining websites – or doing things that require programs beyond the general Windows boot up – it is no good.No good.4 [...]

  • Asus Eee PC Popular with Travelers

    Asus Eee PC Popular with TravelersI picked up a sub 9″ two pound Asus Eee PC laptop on my last run through the USA, and this little computer has fulfilled all expectations that I could have had for it. I have grown use to the small keypad, the tiny screen, and the fact that I [...]

  • Asus Eee PC Initial Impressions

    Asus Eee PC Initial Impressions Just when I had given up purchasing an Asus Eee PC after being duped by Buy.com, the phone rang. It was my brother in law, Rory: “I, uh, found one of those computers that you were looking for over here at Best Buy.” “What? I called them on the phone [...]

  • Asus eee PC Travel Computer

    Asus eee PC 900 Travel ComputerToday Vagabond Journey has put into motion the retirement of “Old Faithful,” my big archaic Dell Laptop, and purchased a slim and slender Asus eee PC 900. This is the new model of the eee PC, and it is more like a real computer than its “web appliance” predecessor; as [...]