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Ekmek Kadayifi Turkish Dessert

Kadayifi Ekmek Turkish DessertI have a journalist friend named Marie Trigona who works out of Buenos Aires. She struggled in the muck for a good number of years trying to build her journalism credentials before finally nailing down the nuts and bolts of the profession.She once said to me once:“If you want to make money [...]

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Kadayifi Ekmek Turkish Dessert

I have a journalist friend named Marie Trigona who works out of Buenos Aires. She struggled in the muck for a good number of years trying to build her journalism credentials before finally nailing down the nuts and bolts of the profession.

She once said to me once:

“If you want to make money selling articles, write about food.”

I did not, then, want to make money that badly.

Apparently, neither does Marie, for she writes about proletariat struggles and revolution, and I assume that food would be the last thing that she would be caught writing about.

But her advice was good, none the less, for everybody eats food, and many people like to travel. The combination of the two would make for good journalism fodder.
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But, now, in these times of ever spiraling downward bank ledgers, perhaps I should find the place where food meets The Weird.

Turkey has some pretty weird desserts.

Ekmek Kadayifi

Bakeries line the city streets of this country selling vast assortments of colorful little sugar coated delicacies that I can neither provenience nor recognize. I often do not have the funds to actually buy the stuff, but sometimes the bakeries will give out free samples to a curious passerby or I become fortunate enough to find a Turkish friend to treat me to dessert.

Kadayifi Ekmek – syrup soaked bread with cheese cream crumbly frosting on top – is a desert that I have never eaten before. My friend, Motorbike Cihan, treated Chaya and I to some as we sat around our apartment talking nonsense one evening.

Cihan placed a carton of orange bread like stuff floating in orange syrupy looking stuff upon the table in front of me. He had to tell me that it was a Turkish desert, for I would not have otherwise guessed what it was.

Ekmek Kadayifi

He then cut into the soggy treat and dispersed it evenly to everyone’s plates. I cut through the heavy, sopping wet desert with my fork with ease and brought the dripping portion up to my mouth.

I have never tasted anything so sweet before. Yes, I believe that it is possible for a traveler to acquire a bout of instantaneous diabetes just from wandering around the dessert laden badlands of Turkey. The sweets here are so sweet they hurt.

I chomped down the treat with great effort, as it was work to eat something so incredibly sweet. Sweet bread soaked through with sweet syrup with sweet frosting on top makes for a typically sweet Turkish dessert. These Turks do not mess around when it comes to sweets.

Ekmek Kadayifi Ingredients

“Ekmek kadayıfı is one of the great Turkish desserts. It is a much sought after dessert that takes the traditional Ekmek (which simply means bread) and adds a syrup to it. This roughly translates to syrup soaked bread.”


4 Crumpets (crumpets mind you, not biscuits or english muffins, must be crumpets)

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 tbsp vanilla

3 tbsp sugar (or if you must store bought)

Full recipe at About Ekmek Kadayifi

I suppose chasing food would be an interesting way to travel the world. But having to eat Ekmek Kadayifi and other incredibly sweet Turkish deserts everyday would be enough to knock me down and leave me with only a stomach ache and sticky fingers to write about.

Perhaps journalists being steamrolled by their topics makes for interesting copy. Though I think my laptop would prefer to be spared the constant barrage of crumbs and messy fingers that would come from writting about food full time.

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Ekmek Kadayifi
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Ekmek Kadayifi

Kadayifi Ekmek Turkish Dessert


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  • Anonymous August 23, 2009, 1:56 am


    After reading your write up about Ekmet Kadayifi I was laughing so hard that tears were rolling down my cheeks along with belly cramps. You see, I happen to 'LOVE' that dessert. (and, yes, it's INCREDIBLY sweet, but then that is what I love about it due to a sweet-tooth. Hold on to your seat now – I can eat 2-3 in one sitting if I have not had a big meal. Residing in Manhattan, I wonder where to go to get my hands on some. If you have any ideas I would be beholden to you.

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