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  • Work for Yourself – College May Not Lead to Career

    Question about career options: to continue with university? Start a business? Work for yourself? “Would appreciate anything at this point as am more than directionless. Have thought of opening business here in Brno instead of grad school. Bought into the whole “go to college get a good job”, shite that worked for our parents (who [...]

  • Gap Year to Travel

    Should I take a gap year to travel? Hello Michael, It is my impression that going to university before you are ready is a good way to waste a lot of time and money. I have known many people who rushed into a post-secondary education, graduated at 22 years of age, and then realized that [...]

  • How to Choose an Archaeology Field School

    How to choose an archaeology field school ? Hello Yogi, First of all, make sure that the archaeology fieldwork programs that you are looking into are actual field schools. Make sure that it is for a duration for at least six weeks, that it is taught by an accredited university, and that you get some kind of certification (or [...]

  • Paid Archaeology Fieldwork

    How do you become an archaeologist? Hello Elijah, After going to university and taking a degree in either Anthropology or Archaeology coupled with a field school your options for employment are rather vast. There is an industry in the USA and Canada called Cultural Resource Management (CRM), which is basically to say professional archaeology. Most [...]

  • How to Become an Egyptologist

    How do I become an Egyptologist? What should I study in high school to prepare? Hello Stephany, The field of Egyptology is perhaps the most competitive area of archaeology as far as finding work that will keep you in the field and money in your pocket. But it can be done if you are diligent [...]