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Drink Drank Drunk

  • Oman Bars

    Stories all around in these places.

  • I Try Ouzo

    It is a rule of travel to always try the local drink of choice.

  • I Have A Drinking Problem

    But it’s not the kind you probably imagine.

  • A Visit To A Brunei Speakeasy

    But of course bars in Brunei don’t really exist.

  • Drinking In Malaysia

    Drinking a beer, hanging out with the overseas Chinese.

  • A Night with Shanghai Businessmen thumbnail A Night with Shanghai Businessmen

    What is gained and what is lost from walking a wayward path.

  • Hangin’ With Charlie In ‘Nam

    A hero falls in Tua Hai. Falls out of his chair, that is. Too much Tiger Beer was his reward.

  • Olafsvik, Iceland Partying and Culture

    OLAFSVIK, Iceland- “There is nothing to do here. Look around, there is nothing,” an 18 year old kid in a bar in Olafsvik explained. His statements were by now seeming to me like a mantra of youth in rural Iceland. This time, finding his town beautiful and full of life, I countered his statement. “Look around, this [...]

  • Pipe Talk and Graffiti in Budapest

    Pipe Talk and Graffiti in Budapest“Do you know Bairro Alto?” he asked me, “Everybody hates it [graffiti] there. But to me it is a newspaper on the walls. Most of the people hate that bullshit. ‘That graffiti, that graffiti’ [they say] . . . To me it is a newspaper. I am reading right now [...]

  • Czech Friends Hockey Talk Hardcore Music Police

    Czech Friends, Hockey Talk, Hardcore Music, and the PoliceI was feeling a little drawn out last night. I had worked all day on completing the Hobohideout pages for the Poets Corner Hostel in Olomouc Czech Republic, wrote a little, put my bicycle gear in order, and then realized that it was 11PM. I did not [...]