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I began what would become Vagabond Journey in April of 2004 with the intention of reporting on shifts in global culture as they are seen, heard, and felt in the streets. This pursuit of providing raw and real ethnographic journalism grew far beyond what I ever could have foreseen, and nearly 3,000 articles later Vagabond Journey has become one of the top websites in its niche. But this would not have been possible without the generous support of our readers.

We are now entering a time of big changes at Vagabond Journey. The blog that I began in 2004 has grown into an operation that has ten regular correspondents reporting from various corners of the global, and we hope to expand this international coverage three fold this coming year.

These are Vagabond Journey’s goals for 2013:

  • To make our coverage truly global by hiring correspondents in the Philippines, West Africa, East Africa, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, India, and SE Asia.
  • To develop Vagabond Explorer into a full fledged ethnographic publication and release issues quarterly.
  • Expand our coverage to more languages other than English. Our French edition kicked off in 2012 with the aim of covering events in North and West Africa. We hope to start up a Spanish edition with a focus on social/ environmental issues in Latin America.
  • Continue providing raw, independent travel journalism from all corners of the world.

In short, these projects would not possible without reader support. Thank you!


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