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Discover the Amazing Aegean and the Ionian Sea On A Sailing Holiday

Why you should travel the Aegean and the Ionian seas by sail boat.

Every time you hear sea sailing you think of a yacht, and every time you hear a yacht you hear luxury & wealth. Well, is it true?

Yacht and wealth has been associated with each other since forever, but now thanks to the economy and to the growing competition, this luxury travel became now, more accessible than ever.

So if you’re considering sea sailing, the first country and sea that’ll pop in your mind are Greece and the Mediterranean Sea, nowadays, Greece became the summer destination for most tourists because of its beautiful waters, bays and shores, just in 2018, Greece welcomed 33 million tourist on its land to enjoy the beautiful weather!

If you’re looking for a way to spend your summer with an unlimited sense of fun, freedom, adventure and connection with nature then sea sealing in Greece is what you’ll need to do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced sailor or a beginner; Greece offers both sailing experiences so you can discover anything you want comfortably and without fear.

Why sail in the first place?

Sailing not only offers you the possibility to discover both water and land, but it also gives you the possibility to enjoy some other activities like windsurfing, fishing, sunbathing and diving.

This is why every penny you invest in sea sailing is worth it. You get both experiences with a minimal price, without any interference, hassle or crowd gathering.

And at any given moment if you get tired of the waters, you can simply drive your boat or yacht to the direction of the closest island and enjoy the feeling of burying your feet in the sand.

Where to sail in Greece?

Greek islands are all very different yet very beautiful, and are separated into two areas because of two large seas which are: The Ionian Sea & the Aegean Sea.

Each one these seas offer different sailing experience, different views & different type of cultures, so the best way to enjoy your sailing holiday is to sail in them both.

Ionian Sea sailing

If you’re not that much of a sailor, then I’ve got good news for you, Ionian winds will be in your favor, the Bora wind are gentle and won’t give you that much of a hassle when you’re sailing, they’ve got a maximum force 4-5, so on normal days you’ll experience less and sail comfortably.

Ionian sea and waters are majestically beautiful, you’ve got nu mber of beautiful islands as well, which are larger in size then the Aegean ones, and have larger beaches, so more space for you to sunbath, the other difference between the two is the scenery they offer.

If the thought of Ionian Sea and islands seems interesting for you and if you’re considering sailing in it and looking for an Ionian Yacht charter then oceanelements will offer you this experience in the minimalistic price possible and over an 8 days period.

Whereas Aegean islands are mostly made of small bays and rocky landscapes, Ionian Islands are offer some very beautiful green nature view which you can experience by visiting the islands like Meganisi, Zakynthos etc..

You can start your route from anywhere, you can start it from Corfu and land in Paxos, Sivota or parga , or from Lefkada and finish in Kefalonia,Meganisi etc…

Because the Ionian Islands had different ruling than Aegean ones then the culinary experience is different as well, the Ionian cooking offer some very delicious food that represent their culture to the best like the sofrito and savoro fish, your tastebuds won’t regret.

In these islands, the lifestyle is cozy and calm, Paxos for example welcomes more than 200 000 visitors on its land in the summer to enjoy that atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find nightclubs in the other islands where you can party and just enjoy having too much wine and being drunk and wake up hang-over, you can either enjoy these islands sober or drunk, the choice is up to you, if you’re more of a cozy person then check Antipaxos which has a population so small it barely reaches 30 people.

If you’re mainly sober in this travel experience then you can check many other beautiful spots and beautiful beaches like Navagio beach, where you can enjoy the best swimming experience and the best scenery of your life.

Aeagan Sea sailing

If you’re more of an experienced sailor and love a sense of adventure, then you’ll love the winds in Aegean, don’t be surprised when the Meltemi winds hits with a force of 7 in the summer.

If you’re looking for strong wind to turn your adventure exciting then, even if you choose to head to Ionian Sea then prepare for a smile to be plastered on your face because of how much of force the winds blasts, and prepare for this to continue over  3 to 4 day period.

When it comes to the view you’ll be enjoying then consider yourself lucky, the Aegean Sea hosts a great number of Geek Islands such as Cyclades, Santorini and much more, you can depart from Athens where you’ll be able to sail to many different  ports and enjoy many beautiful bays and shores.

The islands that exists on the Aegean Sea are very popular among tourists so don’t be surprised of the number of boats or yachts you’ll find on your way, since there are many different routes to take and many different islands to explore, you probably won’t suffer from crowdedness and hassle.

The great thing about the Aegean Islands as well is that they’ve got a different culture then the Ionian since they’ve been ruled by different empires, so even their cuisine can be different, but that won’t stop you from tasting everything you can on the way and party as much as you can.

If you get to stop at the Sporades Island then make sure to give the Alonissos Marine Park a visit to finish your to-do list, because you’ll be able not only to enjoy the water, but also the different marine life that exists within this park from dolphins to sea turtles.

To conclude sea sailing around Greece

Sea sailing is great and especially in Greece, but if all these reasons that have been mentioned don’t push you to travel to Greece then this would.

As it has been said, the Ionian Islands are very beautiful, green and luscious and their sea offer a very comfortable sailing experience for all new-comers and sailors with a consistent friendly wind and friendly locals with fantastic cooking.

The Aegean Islands are very adventurous and help you achieve a different kind of experience because of the powerful wind and the rocky scenery; they’re more suitable for experienced sailors.

So all in all sailing around Greece is perfect for any couple or individuals who are looking for a chilling relaxing experience with all different kind of views, beaches, shores and bays, so they can try every possible swim, fishing & diving experience in the summer breeze, but make  sure to pack your bag and prepare every possible thing so you don’t miss out on turning this holiday and sailing experience the best one of your whole life because Greece became the go-to spot for everyone especially in the summer and for a good reason.


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