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Different Ways You Can Take Care of Your Beauty While Traveling

How you can travel and care for your body too.

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Pack your suitcase and map the best Instagram walls. It is formal time to take advantage of vacation days. Whether your (re-vaccinated) summer plan includes expeditions or international flights across the country, these travel-friendly beauty tips will give you a lucrative start to your itinerary.

We sought expert advice on how to keep your skin fresh during the flight, how to set a heat-free hairstyle, and how to keep your nail polish intact until you return to the office.

Double Makeup Multitasker

For Maybelline global make-up artist Erin Parsons, everything revolves around the brilliance of light that blends seamlessly into any environment. Even if she’s creating a behind-the-scenes look (the list of supermodel clients includes Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Candice Swanepoel, Kendall Jenner), or her own personal make-up. Even when assembling an upset, she sticks to the classics.

Follow this tip from experts for this summer:

Wear make-up that fulfills the dual duty of beauty. This is both a highlighter and a concealer. “You can use this to lighten your skin in high places such as the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, under the eyebrows,” she says. “It’s so moisturizing that it always looks perfect.”

To cover all eye makeup options, from subtle eyelashes to smoky eyes at night, replace your eye shadow single with a compact palette. Parsons loves the brightness of the neutral eyes created on the Maybelline New York Nude Palette in New York.

Be creative with a combination of colors and finish off your look with a moisturizing gloss like Maybelline New York Lifter Gloss in Ice. It looks beautiful on its own or as a topper that enhances the luster of your favorite lip liner or lipstick.

Pamper yourself with moisturizing, soothing essentials

Proper skin preparation keeps you looking like you just left the spa. Beautician Rene Roulo, a client of celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and Madelaine Petsch, has some important tips to help keep your skin hydrated when you change your surroundings. 

Applying moisturizing toner and serum as a preflight routine protects the cabin from low humidity. Rouleau’s priority order is to drink one coat of Moisture Infusion Toner, then Skin Drink Concentrate, another two coats of Toner, and a few drops of Pro Remedy Oil. She says the serum is carried to the skin by toner and trapped by oil.

Sunscreen should be added to daily leaflets to prevent increased exposure to UV light. After landing, try resetting her complexion with her mini facial. She washes her face, removes her dead skin with a gentle scrub or acid scrub, and soothes her skin with a thick layer of Rapid Response Detox Mask.

Rinse-off formulas provide moisturizing, brightening, and antibacterial properties that help reduce post-travel breakouts. When hours are not enough, there is an even simpler trick that can stimulate blood circulation and naturally lighten a tired complexion. Rouleau encourages the client to lie down, turn their head upside down, and hang on their skin for 3 minutes for quick movement. From dullness to radiant skin.

Nail Your Vacation Manicure

Nothing like the Germanicure is chipped, stain-free, and lasts for weeks. If you don’t have time to go to the salon, Megan Fox and Bailee Madison are renowned as the best nail technicians and founders of Nails in Los Angeles. They all are having professionals working under them who have taken part in online nail tech classes.

For regular varnish nail polish, wipe a clean nail bed with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover, she says. This ensures that your polish sticks together. Then apply a layer of bonder base coat. It works like a double-sided tape for polishing. If you want to try nail art, try the contoured French manicure, the current signature design of Voice for clients like Shay Mitchell. 

Classic White or combine it with a colorful Rainbow Moon. To keep the process running smoothly, get help on Extensions nails at The Realist. The easy-to-use kit includes Voice’s famous nail art. No personal reservation is required.

Break the blade (and bobby pin!) Off

Can’t wrap a hot tool? Lacy Redway, Unilever’s global haircare brand ambassador working with Amanda Gorman, Tessa Thompson, Sadie Sink, and Zazie Beetz, states that blades and bobby pins can ensure that all types of journeys go through. The hairpin is always included in her travel kit. To crimp her quickly and easily, she opens each of her needles and twists her hair around her into a figure eight.

Another heatless hairstyle that’s perfect for any goal or hair type: braids. For a beach touch, Redway likes to add shells and pearls, like those styled by Garrett Bradley in the 2021 Oscar. “It’s very easy,” she says. For products, skip the styler and make sure you have a good shampoo and conditioner at hand. Redway likes Tresem Propure Damage Recovery Shampoos and Conditioners to help restore hair from the effects of chlorine, saltwater, and sand. For light packing, place in a travel-sized container.

With all that said, this dentist who does high-quality teeth whitening in Chandler AZ says you also have the option to get dental procedures to enhance your smile while abroad. This is especially the case if you’ll be visiting dental tourism destinations such as Thailand and Dubai.


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