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  • Street Scuffle With Scumbags (Or Cops) In Beirut

    That was weird.

  • Online Order Canceled Because I Used A VPN

    Companies are forcing customers to make insecure payments.

  • On The Dhaka Cafe Attack

    I almost wrote a blog post a while back about Dhaka being safe. I still believe it is — ultimately. But . . .

  • Riding Cambodia’s Autobahn

    Riding down one of the most dangerous highways I’ve yet been on.

  • Of All the Things That Could Strike Me Down in Bolivia, This is What Happens?!

    Geysers, protests, altitude, crazy drivers, mines, alcohol poisoning, cable cars… what leaves David Fegan crying for his mummy in Bolivia?

  • Bad Tripping: How to Bribe a Cop

    There will invariably come a time in every traveler’s journey when they will turn around to find themselves corralled by the law. Bad Mike tells you how to escape the clutches of the police while remaining financially intact.

  • Food Safety and Quality in China China food safety

    Is this food safe? Is this food what it appears to be? What else is in this milk that I don’t know about? Food safety in China is a game of Russian Roulette, you never know when you’re going to get the bullet, when you’re going to eat food laced with toxic ingredients or chemicals.

  • The China Tea House Scam

    The Chinese have a saying, “We can always fool a foreigner,” and from watching how many foreigners are railroaded, cheated, and scammed in the tourist epicenters of this country it is my impression that they may be right.

  • No Rules: Traffic Accidents and Driving in China

    China has one of the highest rates of traffic accidents in the world, and it’s easy to see why: the people drive as though they have a death wish or they think they’re immortal. 92% of automobile accidents in China are due to bad driving skills alone.

  • A Realistic Look at the Dangers of Traveling in Mexico

    On February 8th the US Department of State intensified its travel warning for Mexico to include 14 of the country’s 31 states. This is up from the April 2011 warning that only advised against traveling in two states and parts of eight others. This recent communique from the state department slaps advisories all over the [...]