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  • Beirut Cultural Short Films: The Dancer

    The first rough cut of an extended film project in Beirut.

  • Why You Should Learn Salsa In Buenos Aires Or Die Trying © Jam Vedda Foto

    David Fegan braves the salsa halls of Buenos Aires.

  • Chinese Dance Clubs

    The lights of the club were flashing — there had to be a hundred of them filling the room with blue, pink, and green light. There was a young Chinese guy wearing a jean vest over a scantly clad chest, a cap, and tight jeans up on the stage. He was singing “We Will Rock [...]

  • Dancing in Culture and Biology

    “With the creation of the universe, the dance too came into being, which signifies the union of the elements. The round dance of the stars, the constellation of planets in relation to the fixed stars, the beautiful order and harmony in all its movements, is a mirror of the original dance at the time of [...]

  • Fire Dancers Busk for Travel Funds

    Fire Dancers Busk for Travel Funds Interview ZIPOLITE, Mexico- When the sun goes down the buskers come out. Working the main street of Zipolite that flanks the beach, jugglers, musicians, and fire dancers move from restaurant to restaurant, serenading diners for their pocket change. These entertainers are more than often travelers, moving across countries and [...]

  • Maya Dance of the Deer

    The Baile de Venados — the dance of the reindeer — is still performed by the Q’eqchi’ Maya in the eastern jungles of Guatemala for numerous celebrations. I observed this dance in conjunction with festivities connected with the International Day for Indigenous People and the graduation ceremonies of students from the Ak-Tenimit NGO school on [...]

  • Dancing Goes Beyond Culture

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- It is Saturday night in Suchitoto, the disco is packed, everybody in town is here: the girl who works at a pupusaria, the guy from the language school, the faces that people the streets of this little city north of San Salvador are on the dance floor. They are wearing clothes designed [...]

  • Contra Dancing in Maine

    “I dance like a cowboy,” I protested to Chaya and her mother a week ago in Maine. “No, really, I can’t dance,” I spoke fearfully. I was being prompted to go contra dancing in Bangor, Maine, and I shook in fear of what the consequences of doing so could be. Every time I have gone [...]

  • Costa Rican Dance Videos

    Costa Rican Dance and BasketballVideos The following two videos are from a parade that occurred in Heredia, Costa Rica last Sunday, the day of my arrival in Costa Rica. I do not know why there was a parade, but I suspect that Costa Ricans just like dancing in the streets. The first video is of [...]