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Current Events

  • Flooding in Iceland Near Myrdalsjokull

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland- Either an excess of geo-thermal heat or a minor volcanic eruption under the Myrdals Glacier in the south of Iceland has caused major flooding in the region. The heat from the volcanic activity within melted parts of the glacier, and the excess water flow has caused rivers to flood their banks. A bridge was [...]

  • News Politics Current Events in Mexico

    News, Politics, and Current Events in Mexico What is going on in Mexico? Are there any warnings for travelers that you would like to share? What is the political situation? Report the news in Mexico below. Help other travelers by letting them know what the situation is like on the ground in Mexico. Read more [...]

  • US Cries Wolf Against Travel to Europe

    The US government has recently issued warnings for its citizens to “be vigilant travelling in Europe, amid fears of an al-Qaeda commando-style attack.” Really? Oh yeah, and the newspapers say that Bin-Laden is in on this one, too. Who else? Sources have been dotting the travel news sphere that international intelligence has collected data that [...]

  • Independence Day Celebration in Mexico

    Mexican Night of the Grito SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- Each year on the night before independence day the president of Mexico will get on national TV and do something called, “El Grito.” The yell. The rest of the country will follow his refrain, mimicking his words: “Mexicanos, viva Mexico Aiiiyaiyai!” These words were [...]

  • Former Guatemalan President Charged with Corruption

    Guatemalan President faces extradition on charges of embezzling aid money from the USA Former Guatemalan president, Alfonso Portillo, is being brought up on charges in Guatemala for embezzling 15 million dollars from his country’s defense fund as well as facing extradition to the USA to go to trial for reputedly taking one million dollars of [...]

  • Value of Currency a Cultural Symbol

    Value of Currency is a Cultural Symbol SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- Money has no inherent value. Money is only worth something because we say that it is. That is all there is to it. It was good to be reminded again that money is just a symbol — it is just the proverbial finger pointing at [...]

  • Travel to Guatemala After Agatha Tropical Storm

    Travel in Guatemala Tropical Storm Agatha FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- “I receive emails from many tourists who think that they can’t travel here in Guatemala because of Agatha,” I spoke to worker at the Finca Tatin one night over beers. He looked at me funny. I repeated my statement, reiterating the fact that Agatha was the [...]

  • Are North Korean World Cup Soccer Fans Chinese

    I saw the red flags of North Korea blazing the stands as Brazil played the Communist nation on the football pitch below. I don’t think I have ever seen this flag before, let alone watching it being displayed prominently on international television. Has North Korea began to open up to the world? Has their first [...]

  • Euro Drops Against Dollar Travel To Europe Now

    Euro Drops Against Dollar Go to Europe Now When a country’s currency drops against your own or is devalued, the country often becomes cheaper for you to travel in — the country goes on sale. Travel Tip: Watch currency rates for cheap travel I read this morning that the Euro had hit a four year [...]

  • Travel Boycott of Arizona

    Travel Boycott of Arizona, More Harm than Good? There is a movement in the USA to boycott the state of Arizona. People with a chrystiline notion of justice have made a call that tourists should not travel to Arizona in an attempt to pressure the local government into overturning its new batch of anti-illegal immigrant [...]