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  • Why Starbucks In China Is So Expensive

    Starbucks in China is expensive, but they are not just selling fancy lattes, funky teas, and crappy coffee, they are selling what the Chinese really want.

  • The Symbolism And Status Of License Plates In China

    I think of all the things that thousands of dollars could buy, and an auspicious license plate does not come to mind. A license plate with a string of a few 8s in a row does not seem worth 100k to me — then again, I am not a nouveau riche Chinese.

  • Ferrari, Maserati, And Porsche Feed China’s Status Hungry Market

    Buzzing around China in a BMW, a Mercedes, or a Lexus is nothing in this country anymore , they may as well be Volvos. To impress anybody here you need to roll up in a Porsche, a Ferrari, or a Maserati.