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Cubicle Ditcher

  • Last Days Bogota street corner

    Bogotá, Colombia – The last days are here. The last bus rides. Last taxi’s (thank God!). Last hostel. Last weekend. Last museum. The last city – Bogotá. My final days of Latin America, for the near future, have arrived and I can’t say I’m sad to see them come. Things I normally wouldn’t think twice [...]

  • A Traveler’s Gem Santa Barbara church, Mompos, Colombia

    Mompos, Colombia – Something felt different when I stepped of the boat onto solid ground in Mompos. The first thing was that I wasn’t hounded by taxi drivers. I wasn’t bothered by anyone because no was around. It was the first time that I can remember in which I arrived in a town and wasn’t [...]

  • Further East Into the Guajira Peninsula Sunset in Cabo de la Vela

    Cabo de la Vela, Colombia – Since my watch broke a few days ago and I’ve been sleeping in hammocks near beaches without electricity and have been operating purely on a solar schedule I can’t tell you the time, day of the week or date without thinking really hard about it. Actually, I couldn’t tell [...]

  • To the East Beyond Tayrona

    Palomino, Colombia – At first glance I took the guy walking down the street to be Israeli and asked him where he was sleeping. If what I’ve observed holds true he’ll know the best place to sleep in town. Israeli’s bargain hard for the best price and once they set that price they tell all [...]

  • Tagarbage

    Taganga, Colombia – If I wasn’t in Taganga to go diving then I wouldn’t have been there at all. Most here are taking advantage of the cheap rate to get their PADI Open Water certification. The prices here compete with Utila, Honduras and Bocas del Toro, Panama as far as bargains go. All three places [...]

  • Colombian Buses – Let Me Explain Why I Despise You

    Taganga, Colombia – For the last three weeks my dislike of the buses in Colombia had been growing but I’m done with even trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Every trip on a bus leaves me disappointed in some way. I have yet to have a bus ride that’s enjoyable and today [...]

  • Mediocre Medellin

    Medellin, Colombia – Below is a quick review and thoughts of Medellin. In short, this city is over hyped and I can’t say it’s everything that the backpackers of old or what Lonely Planet or other guide books make it out to be. On the plus side it’s no longer the murder capital that it [...]

  • Give Me Some Coffee and Nothing More

    Salento, Colombia – Salento is coffee. Colombians want coffee and they grow some decent stuff around here. The only thing that brought me here was not wanting to take a fourteen hour bus ride to Medellin from the Tatacoa desert and this being an enjoyable, easily reachable location to spend one day relaxing between two [...]

  • The Tatacoa Desert – Why Am I Here?

    The Tatacoa Desert, Colombia – Usage of the words Desert and Colombia together in the same sentenc seems like a combination of contradictory meanings; an oxymoron along with the likes of jumbo shrimp. It is here though. 330 sq km of dry earth in an otherwise green country known as the Tatacoa Desert. I came, [...]

  • Tierradentro – No One Goes Here

    Outisde of Tierradentro near San Andrés de Pisimbalá, Colombia – No internet. No tourists. A couple restaurants. Two or three stores and a gathering of (empty) hospedajes line the road to the entrance of Tierradentro. There isn’t much here and it’s perfect. I guess I shouldn’t say there isn’t much. There are more tropical flowers [...]