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Creating Eternal Memories in the Eternal City: The Top Things to Do in Rome

What you should do and where you should go in Rome.

Roman Colosseum night

Rome stands to be one of the oldest cities in the world – which also makes it one of the best places to enjoy an adventure. Sure, you might have some type of itinerary on hand, but what’s the fun on that? You need to enjoy the best Rome has to offer.

There are different ways to spend your time in different Roman attractions. How do you like your vacation? We’re sure there are Rome tourist attractions that you can enjoy.

But, what are the top things to do in Rome? Which ones are the most enjoyable?

Worry not, we’ve got a guide for you. We’ll show you how you can enjoy the city like a real Roman:

  1. Tour Around The Colosseum

Like any Roman, the first place that you should visit is the Colosseum. There are many Colosseum tours that can help you go around the area. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Going in the Colosseum itself is a given. Go on walks and enjoy the oldest of many Rome tourist attractions. Sate your sights at the history of the wonder itself.

Apart from the wonder of the Colosseum itself, more Rome tourist attractions are in the area. You can pick many different places around the World Wonder.

One of the better crowd-pleaser places is the beautiful Piazza Del Grillo. Surrounding this gorgeous plaza is the Pallazo del Grillo. This awe-inspiring sight is more picturesque with the ancient buildings around.

Once you get uphill, you’ll see the legendary Trajan’s Market. This complex of ruins has many different functions back in the day. Other locales in the area around the Colosseum include:

  • The Imperial Forum
  • Carcere Mamertino
  • Basilica of Santi Quattro Coronati
  • Santo Stefano al Monte Celio

Walking around is one of the best things to do in Rome. If you want to enjoy a slow day, going around gorgeous, ancient historical ruins is a great choice. Going around the Colosseum is your best option.

  1. Visit The Vatican

Even if you’re not religious, the Vatican is a great place to visit as far as Rome attractions go. It’s easy to burn an entire day going around the Vatican. You’ll be hard-pressed not to enjoy it either.

You can start at the Piazza di San Pietro with its arms embracing around you.

Among Rome tourist attractions, there’s also the Sistine Chapel. Its beautiful murals are a sight to behold. See and relish the beautiful paintings of Michelangelo and see their splendor.

Apart from the churches, other art and paintings are available in the Vatican locale. There are many different “Raphael Rooms” you can find in the Vatican Museums. These include many different art pieces from the olden days of the city.

If you like castles, the Castel Sant’Angelo is due south of the Vatican. It’s always gratifying to climb up high and see the entirety of this ancient city.

  1. Enjoy The Pantheon

The Pantheon is synonymous for the residence of the old gods of Rome. It’s also one of the oldest Rome attractions that you can visit. For people in love with the romantic and heroic tales of Zeus, Heracles, and others, this is the place to go.

Built under the leadership of Emperor Hadrian in 118 AD, it stood the test of time. Its majestic, temple-like beauty is still a sight to behold. The Pantheon still stands on the same place where Agrippa once commissioned a temple.

In its front porch stands towering columns and a dedication to Agrippa. There’s also the Piazza Della Rotonda in its general vicinity, giving it a beautiful, more rustic beauty.

The Pantheon is a true must-visit among the many Rome tourist attractions.

  1. Relax in the Caracalla Baths

Visiting the La Terme di Caracalla is another one of the best things to do in Rome. This is likely in your itinerary, but it’s too good to not be in this list.

The Caracalla Baths are one of the last surviving ruins of ancient baths in the city. Spanning an impressive 13.3 hectares of broken walls and floor mosaics, it kept an impressive look with it. This commission by Septimus Severus for his son Caracalla is gorgeous, even for the bloody history of its namesake.

If you’re not familiar, emperor Caracalla led a bloody reign of massacres and persecutions. This comes in contrast with his administrative genius that made everyone in Rome freemen. If you want to get the most of these Rome attractions, it’s best to get a historical guided tour.

  1. Discover the Quartiere Coppedè

Rome is not all about Renaissance architecture. If you still want to see the best of many Rome tourist attractions, there’s the beautiful Quartiere Coppedè. This neighborhood around Via Tagliamento and Via Dora is one for the books once you see it with your eyes.

The Quartiere Coppedè is one of Rome’s hidden gems. Built by Gino Coppedè between 1913 to 1926, it’s a gorgeous landscape with many different landmarks. Gothic gargoyles, palm gardens, and beautiful Moorish arches make this place something straight from tales.

The neighborhood is quiet and has less foot traffic than many attractions. This makes this one of the few Rome attractions that you can enjoy without a big crowd. You can walk around its beautiful fountain and see its majestic streets.

Without a doubt, Quartiere Coppedè is a great place to visit.

Finding Things To Do In Rome

If you’re thinking of things to do in Rome, there are many different options at your disposal. From the classic Colosseum to the out of the way Quartiere Coppedè, pick which one suits your taste. Rome is a city of beauty and history, so you won’t run out of places to visit.

Are you still looking for more places to visit? Take a look at our other guides and check out our top picks. We have many more places to discover, so keep looking!

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