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Countries Traveled

This is a list of the countries that I have traveled in. I have been traveling around the world for over eight years now. Read more on my Travel Blog.


Countries that I have traveled in by region:

South AmericaCentral AmericaAsiaAustral-AsiaNorth AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaMiddle EastEuropeNorth America/
Costa RicaThailand
U.A. EmiratesPortugalUSA





Hong Kong





Vagabond Journey Maps- Maps of countries from around the world.

Travel Stories:
Erik the Broken Hearted and the Perils of Tropical Volcanoes- A story about climbing a volcano on Nicaragua's Omotepe Island. 

A View of Ramadan from the Inside- The experience of Ramadan in the home of a Moroccan family
In Search of a Traditional Japanese Tattoo- My journey for a traditional Horimono backpiece in Kyoto, Japan. Published by Glimpse magazine.

In Search of a Tattoo in the New Japan- Story about receiving a modern tattoo at Cat Claw studio in Kyoto.

Hitching Across the Middle Kingdom- The adventure of hitch hiking across China with Loren Everly.

 Travel Articles:

Vagabond Journey Travel Articles- Articles and stories that I have written for magazines and for fun.

Work for Magazines and Other Websites- Writing that I have had published in magazines and on other websites. 

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