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Contributions to is funded in large part by reader contributions. I typically am able to live and travel on under $10, so contributions of even small amounts of money are greatly appreciated. Financial support of this website allows me to continue traveling, writing, and publishing travel tips, information, and photos. This would not be possible without your support!

For each contribution I will send a small thank you gift.

  • $10-$20 receives a postcard from wherever I am traveling.
  • $20-$35 receives postcards from wherever I travel for the next four months.
  • $35-$50 receives a really odd gift (such as clothing, a gadget, something that I find funny).
  • $50+ gets to request a gift and gets postcards for the next six months as well as my complete adoration! 

List of contributors:

Name # of contributions
William Singleton 3
Robert Lyskowski 2
Andy Graham 1
Andrew Kedl 1
Kirk Donovan 1
Jennine Lewitzke 1
Seth Matterson 1
Paul Wakeford 1
Scott McArthur 1
Amy Grant 1

If any contributors did not receive their gift, it probably got lost in the mail. Email me and I will send you another.

If you would like to contribute to Vagabond and receive a gift and your name immortalized above, just click on this donation button!

Thank you very much for all contributions, they are really appreciate them.

The long road would be a lot more difficult without your support!

Walk Slow,



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