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Consider These Types of Transportation for Your Next Travel

Try these unconventional modes of transportation for your next trip.

Cruise ship

The joy and wonders of travel know no bounds. In 2018, there were approximately 1.8 billion person-trips logged by US residents. These trips include business and leisure trips—amounting to $1.1 trillion in traveler spending.

The methods of travel to these trip destinations varied but mostly consisted of the typical means that you would expect. For those that are anxious to try different types of transportation, we have some varieties from which they can choose. We will discuss some of the uncommon ways of travel here.


Railway travel is one of the oldest forms of travel there is. While this classic form of travel is not as popular as other methods, travel by train can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. For the traveler that wants to enjoy the scenic view of the countryside of the nation, travel by railway is unmatched.

Another great perk of traveling by train is comfort. Travelers can move about the cabin freely. The experience by train is more like that of a mobile hotel. If turbulence, motion sickness, or feeling cramped are pet peeves, train travel offers an experience free from these side-effects of conventional travel transportation methods.

Luxury Cruise

Many travelers are familiar with typical mainstream cruise lines. While the experience on a mainstream cruise is an enjoyable experience overall, mainstream cruise lines pale in comparison to that of luxury cruise lines.

One of the key benefits is that the fare is all-inclusive. Alcoholic beverages, gratuities, and other services and offerings that are charged by mainstream cruise lines are included in the fare.

The comfort and spaciousness of the cabins, exquisite dining environment and menu, quality service, amenities, and ambiance are a step above anything you will see on a mainstream cruise.

Private Jet

If you want to travel in pure luxury, chartering a private jet may be the perfect experience for you. There is a good reason for the increase in popularity for this form of travel—the benefits and atmosphere are like none other.

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of crowded airports and security check lines, get to your destination faster, and enjoy a higher level of security, private jets will offer you all of this and more. Private jet rental cost is not as expensive as you may think—if you are traveling with a group, it may even be more cost-efficient than taking a commercial flight.

Luxury or Exotic Car Rental

When you reach your trip destination, you can opt to rent a luxury or exotic sports car for an increased level of style and class. If having the maximum experience matters, these high-class rentals may be just what you are looking for.

Whether you envision yourself pulling up in a luxury sedan or picture the wind blowing through your hair as you hit the highway in an exotic sports car, a high-end rental offers the opulence enjoyed by those that live the lux life.

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

If you are planning a road trip with family or friends, an RV will give you the freedom to explore the countryside and the ability to travel in comfort. While the fuel costs are higher when you drive an RV, the savings on other trip expenses balance out the fuel expense.

For travelers looking to enjoy the outdoors, there is no better way to travel than by RV. RV parks or even Wal-Mart parking lots are available to RV travelers. Passengers are free to enjoy their time on the road in a host of ways. Since an RV is literally a mobile home, the amenities of home can easily be enjoyed. Interested in getting one of your own? Use this new and used rv loan payment calculator.


Traveling is all about reaching your intended destination. However, how you get to that destination can mean the difference between having a good trip and an excellent trip. Travelers no longer have to settle for inferior forms of transportation. With a little budgeting and saving, you can upgrade beyond the typical travel experience.

Enhancing the quality of transportation can make those traveling with you feel much more fondly about the trip overall. Hopefully, the suggestions made here will help you to become more creative when planning transportation for your next trip.

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