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  • Aquifer Depletion is an Urban and Rural Problem

    Cuatro Cienegas, a unique oasis in the Chihuahuan desert in the north of Mexico is drying up and dying. The reason: aquifer depletion. Mexico City has sank over 30 feet in the past century. The reason: aquifer depletion. One thing that many of the world’s largest cities have in common with the most far flung [...]

  • Endemic Aquatic and Microbial Life Faces Extinction in Vanishing Mexican Oasis

    A one of a kind oasis teeming with ancient life is on the verge of permantly drying up in the desert of northern Mexico, taking dozens of endemic aquatic species and potentially useful microbes down with it. Researchers say that time is running out for the Cuatro Cienegas Basin, as its water levels are receeding at an alarming rate, and parts of it have already vanished. “The Cuatro Cienegas Basin is probably the most diverse site on the microbial world,” stated the molecular biologist, Valeria Souza, in an interview with vagabondjourney.com

  • Bushmeat is an Important Part of Diet for People in Rainforests

    A recent study by researchers at UC Berkeley, shows that bushmeat — game — taken from forests in many locations around the world is an essential part of the diets of the people who live there, and even helps to prevent anemia in children. The study was conducted in the Makira Protected Area of Madagascar, which is a global hot spot for biodiversity, and the findings have created a ripple between conservation efforts and human health initiatives.

  • Ecological Triage is Unavoidable and Nothing New for Conservationists Giant Panda

    “Is it fair for certain species that are not saveable in the long term to get the most money? I would say no.” -Paul Goldstein in a BBC interview Ecological conservation has perhaps always been a losing battle. With the news of actual or impending extinction becoming a part of daily life, many scientists, conservationists, [...]