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  • Get Coffee Cheap When Traveling Abroad: Make it Yourself

    To save money traveling make your own coffee. By brewing your own mugs of Java you can save hundreds of dollars over a year of traveling AND have coffee whenever you like.

  • Free Coffee Refills Standard in Iceland

    A mug of coffee runs around $3+ in a cafe in Iceland. I have no complaints about this price, I pay it, in fact, with a smile on my face — for I know that the cup of coffee that I will receive is bottomless. Yes, free coffee refills are standard in Iceland. So I [...]

  • Mexican Table Service

    MEXICO CITY, Mexico- I get a hairy sort of eyeball every time I walk into the Lahuma cafe on University Avenue in the Coyocan district of Mexico City. I don’t let this bother me. I open up my laptop, connect to the internet, order some coffee, and go to work. Overt unfriendliness bothers me, the [...]

  • Coffee in Guatemala

    FINCA TATIN, on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala- Some of the best coffee in the world comes from Guatemala. Coffee from the hills of Atitlan is exported around the world for foreign people in foreign lands to sip with their breakfast pastry, cake, toast, eggs, whatever they happen to be eating in conjunction with their morning [...]

  • Arab Coffee Philosophy

    Arabic Coffee Philosophy Majid the Syrian poured out three cups of steaming hot Arab coffee. One for Chaya, one for me, and the last for himself. The cups steamed from the recent inclusion of the boiling liquid. Majid lifted up his cup and drank the hot liquid down in a single gulp. ————– Wade from [...]