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  • Clothing in Nicaragua

    Nicaraguans take pride in their appearance and will make sure their clothes are clean, even if they only have one or two outfits. Traditional Nicaraguan clothing includes a simple loose white shirt and long pants for men, with or without embroidery, a straw hat, and bandanna. Women wore embroidered dresses with full skirts, and some kind of kerchief [...]

  • Clothing in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Traditionally men and women in Congo wore clothes made of raffia. This is only used today though, in special ceremonies. It is much more common to see women wearing long skirts and tops with bold patterns and colors. Headwraps and hats are also popular as fashion and sun protection. Men wear a dashiki-style long shirt, [...]

  • Clothing in Ghana

    People in Ghana take pride in how they dress. There is often a gender and generational divide in clothing in Ghana. The older generation tends to wear more traditional clothes, while the younger generation tends to wear the universal costume of youth: jeans and a t-shirt. Women tend to wear more traditional clothing than men. [...]

  • Clothing in Lesotho

    Lesotho is not exactly known as a fashion capital. Many people live in animal husbandry and agriculturally based villages and wear clothing that is practical for their lifestyle.  One of the most common clothing articles you will see is a warm blanket wrapped as a shawl around the shoulders. Both men and women wear this [...]

  • Mid-Layer / Fleece Group Test: The Results!

    Its been a very warm and cuddly month with all the fleeces arriving and being tested. They’ve all been worn in wind and rain, around town, and over downs. The test starting ironically with a heat wave hitting the UK which set us back a few weeks, but in the end we did some very [...]

  • Baby Clothes Transcending the Class Structure

    When our baby, Petra, was born we were handed down everything we needed for a new baby. Clothes from newborn sizes to toddler sizes, towels, bedding, an infant bed, two (!) car seats, a stroller, a bouncy seat and at least three baby carriers, came from babies who had just recently outgrown them. Some of [...]

  • Clothing in Rwanda

    This is a collection of information about clothing in Rwanda and what clothes a traveler should bring to Rwanda when visiting. Rwandans today wear modern Western style clothing. In fact, much of it is actually used clothing from the West complete with slogans in English and US sports teams logos. When traveling to Rwanda, keep [...]

  • Clothing in Liberia

    Generally, in urban areas Liberians are more likely to dress in typical Western style dress (jeans and t-shirts), while in more rural areas Liberians wear more traditional West African attire. Traditionally men wear short or long pants with a loose round-neck shirt. Women traditionally will wear a long wrap skirt called “lappa” and loose top [...]

  • Craghoppers Tiki/Fusion- Mid-Layer Group Test

    We at VJT have been dying to work with Craghoppers for a long time. Their gear has a great reputation and we felt that they were a company whose products would greatly interest our readers. Finally now after much correspondence we have had the opportunity to include some of their fleeces in this test. Craghoppers have been kind enough to [...]

  • Patagonia R1 Pullover/ Hoody

    Patagonia are never afraid to compare their wares to the competition so when we told them about this test they sent us two variants of their popular R1 range of mid-layers. The R1 range encompasses everything from trousers to gloves for men and women and are designed as base/mid-layers for sports and travel activities in [...]