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  • Why You Can’t Wear a Green Hat in China thumbnail Why You Can’t Wear a Green Hat in China

    The power of homophones in China.

  • SIGHTS OF CHINA: Chinese Children And Their Sweat Rags

    Maybe you’ve seen them hanging off the back of Chinese kids like bibs put on backwards and wondered what these strange accessories were. No, they are not yet another way that adults here cute-ify their children, to the contrary they serve a very functional roll: they soak up sweat.

  • The Advantages And Dangers Of Wearing Sandals When Traveling

    A little cut or abrasion on your foot can easily lead to an infection and an otherwise unnecessary medical situation if wearing sandals.

  • Buy Clothing and Personal Apparel Before Traveling to Places Where the People Don’t Look Like You

    The differences in the human body between cultures are very subtle, but these small differences can mean a lot when it comes to clothing or other personal apparel, such as eyeglasses. I generally advise travelers to not worry too much about packing before going abroad, as in these days of globalization you can pretty much [...]

  • Save on Airline Baggage Fees: Carry Heavy Items in a Fishing Vest

    I really hate airlines and the ever decreasing baggage allowances. If I’m on a plane with my family, it’s usually because we are moving. That means we have most of our worldly possessions in our bags. I’m also a cheap vagabond and I’m not going to pay more to move something than what it’s worth. [...]

  • Big Plastic Glasses Without Lenses: Strange East Asian Fashion

    Fashion is not supposed to make sense. It is not supposed to be natural, look normal, or run flush with logical. In fact, fashion is supposed to be the polar opposite of all these attributes. In point, fashion, by design, is supposed to make people look at you, to be a beacon for social energy, [...]

  • The Best Style Shirts for Travel

    The perfect style of shirt that I’ve found for travel is nothing special. You probably have a half dozen of them in your dresser right now — or maybe you already have one in your rucksack. This style shirt is worn and sold dirt cheap in just about every country on the globe. It is [...]

  • Shopping in China: Prices in Chinese Malls are Often Lower than Ticketed

    TAIZHOU, China- When I think of shopping malls I think of sparkling white tiled floors, sharp looking, new smelling middle class shoppers, air conditioning, and fixed prices that are clearly marked on every item. So it was a slight surprise when I learned that I could get a lower price for many items in Chinese shopping [...]

  • Clothing in Solomon Islands

    Traditional clothing in the Solomon Islands is similar to other South Pacific Islands. Different tribes and ethnic groups used different traditional clothing.

  • Clothing in Guinea

    Guinea is a country located in West Africa. It is a predominately Muslim community. People in Guinea dress similar to other countries in West Africa. The clothing tends to be loose and conservative, though specific clothing styles vary depending on ethnicity. Traditionally men wear long loose gowns or robes over loose pants that are tapered [...]