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Cities With The Best Casino Architecture

Where you can travel to find some of the world’s most stunning modern buildings.

The casinos, in general, have changed a lot in recent years. In matters of architecture, it has gone through a transformation, but for the most part, it remained constant for some time. Even though there have been many changes that have happened in the recent past, there are many developments still going on in the design that one can’t keep track of. New and efficient engineers are taking projects to make the industry more desirable. However, some places are known for spectacular casino architecture and gambling destinations. They do not just offer a mesmerizing touristy experience, but at the same time, help engineers understand the future designs of the Casino.

Monte Carlo – Monaco

Monaco is known for its elegance and style, but when it comes to casinos, it has a unique reputation. Being part of many James Bond movies, no doubt Monaco has made quite a name for itself, but as far as its reputation in the casino world is concerned, it can be attributed to some places in the country. The small country is home to Monte Carlo that was built in the mid-1800 by Charles Garnier. The building still preserves its original architecture. Right now only foreigners are allowed inside the Casino.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

It is a 14storey building that has a 161,500Sq Ft gaming area, a 50,000 square foot spa, and a mall with over 160 stores. Its architecture gives you an example of ancient Rome and its structures. Not only that, but the representation of the Casino in many Hollywood movies has also added to its fame across the globe. People from across the globe come to visit not just to gamble but also to stay and have fun at various of its events. It indeed is a place that is unforgettable.

The Grand Lisboa – Macau, China

Grand Lisboa is one such Casino that is a marvel of engineering. It extends 261 meters in the sky. It is known as the tallest structure of Macau and has the world’s biggest LED dome which has 1-million LED lights. The casinos have everything a modern casino will have. From exceptional beauty to modern décor and circular lightning, Grand Lisboa will never disappoint. And when it comes to Gambling, it is in Macau, that is enough to tell what sort of Casino it will be. You can find almost every casino game there.

Sun City Casino Resort – South Africa

Built-in 1979, the resort in South –Africa has a casino, four hotels, two golf courses, and a waterpark. Here, you get to witness a different design where there are oversized pillars, sculptures, faux tusks, and domes, creating an impression that you are entering an African palace. Sun City Casino Resort is one such Casino that doesn’t just have an ideal location, but the way it operates is also unique. Compared to the Las Vegas casino, this one is much different and uses a completely different theme. You could just soak yourself in its beauty, sit in a room and play online games on www.slotsformoney.com, even if you do not want to venture out.

Bellagio – Las Vegas, USA

Bellagio is known as the icon of the city. It is not just a marvel of construction, but the number of activities that you can do at Bellagio outnumbers the others. It was thrown open in 1998, it is one of the most attractive casinos in the world, which has tall ceilings, unique lighting, fixtures, ornamental décor, and exquisite rugs. It also has a water and music show that plays music in sync of the fountain; it continues for 20 minutes, and if you are bored, you can shop a lot. There is no dearth of shopping


There are some cities where the casino architecture is breath-taking, especially in Macau and Las Vegas. However, it’s not confined to that only but also Singapore as well as New Zealand. In countries like New Zealand, you can be a witness to the mesmerizing landscape and one of the modern marvels of casino infrastructure. Having said that, some countries are yet to debut in the industry ad given their reputation especially Japan, it is expected that they will live up to the expectations of the world. Until, then there is a list that is long for the casinos of the world that require recognition, not for their games but also for the marvelous pieces of architecture they are.

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