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Chinese Woman Gives Birth to Baby in Toilet of Train, Leaves it There

A woman gave birth in the cramped bathroom of a Chinese train, then abandoned the kid. How was this even possible?

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After traveling in China for an extended amount of time you expect to find various unflattering substances that come out of people plopped, dripped, spat, and splattered all over the train bathrooms, but a newborn baby is not one of them. On February 19th, a woman gave birth in the bathroom of a train bound for Guangdong, and left it there — covered in blood, shivering, teetering on the edge of the toilet.

This story seems incredibly on many different fronts. First of all, a women gave birth in the bathroom of a train. Second, she did so unassisted by medical personnel, and possibly solo. Third, nobody seemed to have noticed (the births I’ve been to weren’t necessarily quiet events). Forth, the woman pulled up her pants, cleaned herself up, and got away, apparently without looking like she’d just given birth. Fifth, A WOMAN GAVE BIRTH IN THE BATHROOM OF A TRAIN — I think I need to say this last one twice.

Imagine the rocking, the sudden stops, the cramped space . . .

Now I understand the fortitude this culture has when it comes to doing something they want to do, and I also understand what social pressure can do to the people here, but to give birth in the bathroom of a crowded Chinese train and then get away with in unnoticed seems absolutely incredible.

Whatever the case, the baby boy was rescued and is in critical condition, though is reported to be doing better.

Now that’s a crappy way to come into . . . I’ll spare you this one.

abandoned_kid2 abandoned_kid3 abandoned_kid4 abandoned_kid5
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