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Chinese Fat Guy Underwear

Special Chinese underwear for fat guys. This is a culture that never hesitates to call a spade a spade.

The waistlines of China are expanding fast. It seems as if the popular diet of rice, deep fried chicken, stir fried everything, and candy is starting to catch up with this country. In typical Chinese fashion, commercial entities have responded to the trend. I recently saw my first pair of underwear minted especially for and marketed directly to fat men.

The tagline on the box says “A comfortable fat guy underwear” and the 6XL size is proudly displayed. They claim to provide “fashion, personality, energy, self-confidence, sexy.” They feature a likeness of Peter Griffin, of course.

fat man underwear in china
china fat guy underwear

As a side note, the Family Guy has become a global icon epitomizing the fat American. Apparently, it sells.

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