Travels in Chile
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I travelled in Chile durning the autumn and winter of 2002. This was my third visit to South America in as many years. My main objective to these travels was to make it as far south in Patagonia as I could go. After a false start, where I went to Puerto Montt, just to realize that the weather was far too rainy and cold to tramp at that time of year. So I went up into the Atacama desert to dry out a little. I found friends and fun in the coastal town of La Serena and an amazing oasis in San Pedro de Atacama. I soon made it back to Santiago and met some really good friends at the Cuerpo Orgulluso tattoo parlor. It was now the summer in southern hemisphere so I went back down to Patagonia from Argentina. I found that Punto Arenas is an amazing city and Puerto Natales is a place that I would like to visit again. Chile is one of the most friendly countries in the world, and, likewise, is among my favorites.   

chile map
Map of My Travels in Chile

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