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Cheap Accommodation in Israel – Backpacker Hostels, Camping, and Volunteering

How to find cheap accommodation in Israel? Look right past the hotels and onto the hostels and camping facilities. With a little wit and determination, you can even sleep in Israel on the cheap. Here’s how!

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Cheap Places to Sleep in Israel

Accommodation in Israel is EXPENSIVE! It is a country where a dorm bed can go for $20 to over $50 per night! So when the extreme budget traveler is faced with such a situation, what do they do? They get clever and dive into the realms of extreme budget travel or they find alternatives.

Cheapest hostels in Israel

All prices stated are for a dorm bed.


  • House of Peace – Price: $15.25, Location: Wad Ma’ali, Saff St. 10, Next to Malhamet Inyaz, Contact: 972 545875063
  • Sweet Dreams Hostel – Price: $15.75, Location: Khlefat Street, Manger Square


  • Jaffa Gate Hostel –  Price: $18.99, Location: in front of David’s Tower in Jaffa Gate of the Old City, Contact: +972 26 27 64 02
  • New Palm Hostel – Price: $15, Location:  6 Hanivim St
  • Citadel Youth Hostel – Price: $5.74, Location: 20 St. Marks Road, Jaffa Gate, Old Town, Contact: 972 2 6285253, 972 2 628449,  reservation@citadelhostel.com

Tel Aviv

Sunrise hotel in Israel

Camping in Israel

Even the cheap hostels that I list above are not that cheap on a global scale, but camping in Israel is a viable option — providing you have or can get a tent. The list below is a general run down of a small portion of the campsites in Israel. To get to any of them, it is advised that you seek local advice or do a more thorough internet search. They are included here just to provide and ideal of how much camping costs in Israel.

Camping in the north of Israel

  • Yehudia Reserve– Tent camping located in Ramat Ha’Golan. 14 shekels per person. Basic facilities.
  • Kfar Blum– Located near the Jordan River. Tent camping, general facilities, hot water. 40 shekels.
  • Tal Grove- A national park campsite. 50 shekels per site.

Cheap camping in the south of Israel

  • The National Park of Ashkelon – Beach camping. 23 shekels.
  • Mitzpe Ramon – Tent camping in Negev. Toilets, showers, the usual services. 15 shekels.
  • Eilat Field School – On Almog beach, tent camping. There toilets, showers, and electricity outlets. 30 shekels per person.
  • Hi Bar – At the Hi Bar site of Yotveta, 35 km north of Eilat. Cooking facilities, showers, toilets. 15 shekels per person.

Camping on the Sly

Camping on the sly — setting up a tent or a temporary shelter in an undesignated area for camping for free — is possible in Israel. Though keep in mind that there is a huge military presence in Israel, so seek this type of accommodation with due caution.

Volunteer for free accommodation in Israel

What to travel in Israel for free? Then volunteer with an organization that provides free room and board. The Israeli Defense Force has volunteer opportunities for foreign travelers as do many kibbutzes. Look at Help X for more ideas.

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