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  • Travel from Dominican Republic to Haiti

    CAP HAITIEN, Haiti- There are two main public transport options for getting from the Dominican Republic to Haiti overland.

    1. Take an express bus from either Santiago or Santo Domingo.
    2. Take a local bus to the border, walk across, then find transport on the other side.

    Neither option is very difficult.

  • Crossing Border Between Dominican Republic and Haiti

    Dominican Republic and Haiti border crossing There are three border crossings open to foreigners between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. In order from north to south they are at Ouanaminthe – Dajabon, Belladere – Comendador (Elias Pina), and Malpasse – Jimani. The southern most crossing, which links Santo Domingo with Port au Prince is the [...]

  • Haiti Travel Mission

    CAP HAITIEN, Haiti- From where I sit, on a roof top in Cap Haitien, the second largest city in Haiti, life goes on as usual. There is music here, the streets are full of people, some of them are going to work, some are sitting listlessly, some are just talking, some laughing — a Haitian woman across the hotel roof from me is singing to herself — a group of men down below are gambling over dominoes, there is a lottery brokerage on nearly every block, women sit outside of their homes selling bags of purified water, pop, candy, kids chase each other, a group of young girls in Sunday dresses walk by.

  • Travel to Haiti After Earthquake

    I arrived in the Haitian city of Cap Haitien around five or six hours ago by bus from Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Chaya and Petra are still in Sosua. I should only be in Haiti for around one week before going back to the Dominican Republic and then traveling on to Guatemala and El [...]

  • Bus Taxi Train Travel in Haiti

    Transportation in Haiti is very straight forward and easy, if you don’t mind riding with 20 other people in a pickup truck or more than 30 in a minivan. There is not much room to move around it when traveling on public transport in Haiti, but it is cheap. Buses run at around one to [...]

  • Is it Safe to Travel in Haiti

    Dangers and warnings for travelers in Haiti Submit information on the dangers of traveling to Haiti below. It is my impression that it is relatively safe to travel in Haiti. There are usually many people in the streets. The biggest danger that I observed in Haiti are the conditions of the roads and sidewalks. There [...]