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Can A Cruise Take You To Unique Cultural Locations?

How to get off the beaten path on a cruise.

Cruise ship

Cruise trips have always been seen as the hallmark of two groups – newly-weds and the older generations. However, according to a BBC report, the average age of cruise passengers is lower than ever. Part of the reason for this is the increasing ability of cruises to offer unique experiences. Taking a cruise is no longer simply a matter of luxury living punctuated with port visits. For those who want to experience unique culture, a cruise is a great way to go about it.

Far flung cultures

Cruise lines have bases of operations spread all across the world. What this means for travelers is that there are a huge variation in locations being served. For instance, Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula is served by three cruise lines, despite being one of the most isolated places on earth. As well as being host to spectacular meteor impacts, Kamchatka will provide visitors with unique indigenous culture and adventure sports. This sort of combined experience is beneficial for cruise goers also due to cruise insurance packages, which often include accident coverage for sports incursions, giving an extra level of assurance while you’re experiencing another land.

Experiencing subtle societal changes

Many indigenous cultures around the world are being subtly changed by the social and political upheaval affecting most major governments. A great example of this is in Papua New Guinea, where indigenous tribes are still widespread and make up a significant part of the country’s social fabric from increased involvement with Australia. Due to its location, the ports of the island are well serviced by cruises, which also give access to the wider set of islands in the region.

India’s neglected waterways

If you ask travel industry experts TH Awards, they’ll recommend Kerala’s backwaters as one of the best cruise locations. India and the wider sub continent are served exceptionally well by cruise liners, but behind the coast is less clear. Like Papua New Guinea, Indian culture is undergoing significant changes as global trends come to rest. The traditional way of living on the waterways, combined with the natural scenery and excellent food scene, make Kerala a great and unique choice of destination.

The world is full of unique and incredible cultures. Boarding a cruise ship, more famed for their luxury and hotel-on-the-sea vibe, doesn’t seem like a straightforward way to experience that. However, cruise ships can offer you peeks into untouched culture and all of the idiosyncrasies that comes with it.


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