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Camel and Bedouin at Petra Jordan Photos

Travel Photos of Bedouin and Camels in Petra, Jordan

Camel and Bedouin at Petra Jordan PhotosCamel and Bedouin at Petra Jordan Pictures

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archaeology at petra jordan

Archaeology at Petra in Jordan.

photo of the treasury at petra

Tourists flock to the Treasury at Petra.

photo of a pregnant traveler at petra

Photo of a traveler at Petra.

photo of rock carvings at petra

Photo of rock carvings at the
Petra world heritage site.

photo of a bedouin camel at petra

Bedouin at camel at Petra.

Camel and Bedouin at Petra Jordan

photo of a camel drinking coca cola

Camel drinking a can of Coca-Cola. The Bedouin that takes care of him picked up a can of Coke and stuck it in the camel’s mouth. The Camel seemed to enjoy it.

photo of a camel in jordan

Jordan desert camel.

camel in the desert photo

Camel in the desert.

camel in jordan

Camel posing for tourists to take photos.

pregnant traveler

Pregnant traveler and a camel at