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  • Bus from Oaxaca to Mexico City

    Bus from Oaxaca to Mexico City — Second Class is Luxury for Vagabonds MEXICO CITY, Mexico- “Wow, this is nice, huh?” I spoke to my wife from inside of the Fosa bus company’s waiting area in the second class bus station of Oaxaca City. There was a separate waiting area for people who were waiting [...]

  • First Class Bus from Pochutla to Oaxaca Mexico

    Bus from Pochutla to Oaxaca City POCHUTLA, Mexico- The minibus driver scratched his short, artfully¬†shaped goatee, and had a look on his face that every passenger could interpret as words: “How am I going to fit all of this stuff in here?” The driver was looking between an ever growing pile of luggage — boxes, [...]

  • Tuxtla to Salina Cruz Mexico by Bus

    Tuxtla to Salina Cruz Mexico by Bus A child screamed, stomped its feet, and screeched as the bus from Tuxtla was making its long descent down to the pacific coast of Mexico. The passengers on the bus cringed at the sound. I smiled — for it was not my child that was making the ruckus. [...]

  • Tuxtla Mexico Bus Station

    Tuxtla Mexico Bus Station Conversations SAN PEDRO TUXTLA, Mexico- I knew the guy wanted to talk with me when he sat down in a seat adjacent to my own when there was a pelethora of other seats available all through the bus station waiting area. “Are you from the USA?” he asked. Here we go [...]

  • Buying Bus Tickets in Tuxtla Mexico

    TUXTLA, Mexico- “When do the buses to Salina Cruz leave?” I asked in Spanish to a young guy behind a bus office ticket booth in the main station of Tuxtla. This boy was of the pencil neck/ pimple face sect, and he replied that there was a bus going to my destination leaving at 10pm. [...]

  • Cheaper Bus Travel in Mexico Tip

    Cheaper Bus Travel in Mexico Tip TUXTLA, Mexico- We made our way to a larger bus depot in Tuxtla and immediately began searching for company that serviced Oaxaca. I write this as if it was a simple exchange in travel. It wasn’t. In Mexico, there is not really such a thing as a central bus [...]

  • Bus to Tuxtla Mexico from San Cristobal de las Casas

    Bus from San Cristobal de las Casas to Tuxtla, Chiapas Minibuses are the main mode of transport between San Cristobal de las Casas to Tuxtla, the capital of Chiapas. The ride takes around 40 minutes and costs 40 pesos. More on this trip at San Cristobal to Tuxtla Wiki Vagabond guide. The road out of [...]

  • Social Development Roadblock in Mexico

    Social Development Road Block in Mexico The bus ground to a halt while moving on a highway on the lee side of a Mexican border town. A group of men moved towards the minibuses’ passenger door with a book of tickets in their hands. They opened the door themselves with a touch of authority, revealing [...]

  • Flores to Palenque by Bus

    Bus options from Flores, Guatemala to Palenque, Mexico FLORES, Guatemala- Generally speaking, an international bus or train service — as in a direct line of transportation across a border — is going to cost a traveler more money than traveling to the border, walking across, and picking up transport on the other side. This is [...]

  • Bus to Flores Guatemala

    Crowded Bus from Rio Dulce to Flores Guatemala At one PM I boarded a bus from Rio Dulce bound for Flores — one tick away from Mexico. One minute later I realized that I would be riding this bus for three hours without a seat, crammed in between other unfortunate passengers without seats, resting my [...]