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Bus Travel

  • An Old Guy Tried To Fight Me On A Bus To The Prague Zoo

    And we thought we had to go to the zoo to watch animals.

  • The Story of Jeepneys in the Philippines

    If you had to choose one thing to represent the Philippines there is a good chance it would be the jeepney. I set out to learn more about the tradition and history of this iconic vehicle, and this is what I found.

  • Bad Tripping: Minibus Madness

    The off-color guide to global public ground transportation.

  • Sri Lanka Travel: Elephants, Big Lizards, and The Joy of Leaving a Tourist Area

    A story of giant lizards, blaring music, sacrificial flaming coconuts, crowded buses, elephants, and the surprises that manifest out of the Sri Lanka countryside.

  • Travel Deal of the Century?!

    First, let me say I have no commercial connection to anyone or any company. If there is ever an ad on this website, it is put here by Wordpress, not by me. That being said, I stumbled across a deal today that I am still finding hard to believe but I thought I would share [...]

  • Motion Sickness in Children When Traveling on Buses

    We were leaving the Mexican beach of Zipolite on a six hour minibus ride to Oaxaca. Six hours seemed like a doable amount of bus time with a 16 month old — especially one who has been traveling since she was six weeks old. Traveling on buses with a child is always challenge, of course, [...]

  • San Gil to Santa Marta Bus Scam in Colombia

    This is an outline of a Copetran bus line scam that is pulled on tourists wanting to travel from San Gil to Santa Marta, Colombia. When you make your purchase to travel this route on Copetran you are given a ticke that says “Santa Marta” — exactly as it should — with the info that [...]

  • Colombian Buses – When to Barter for a Lower Fare

    MONGUI, Colombia- The rounds of the traveler communities in Colombia says that you can barter for the price of your bus tickets, and this is true. Each time you go to step foot on a full sized bus you can often come out with a 25 to 40%  discount on your fare. If you can’t [...]

  • Bus Travel Villa de Leyva to Mongui, Colombia

    MONGUI, Colombia- The ride from Villa de Leyva to Mongui, Colombia necessitates taking three buses, though all the rides are short. I put into place an old travel strategy: when given the choice between sitting in the front or back seats of a minibus, sit down right next to the driver. This entry is about how my family traveled from Villa de Leyva to Mongui.

  • Travel from Bogota to Villa de Leyva, Colombia

    A travelogue entry about how to travel by bus from Bogota to Villa de Leyva, Colombia. First, you must change buses in Tunja when going between these two cities. Expect to pay around 19,000 pesos total for the two buses. The total travel time is around four and a half hours.