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Travel Lesson Learned: Saving a Dollar is Not Worth an Hour of Travel

Being a wise traveler means knowing when to pay an extra buck.

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I’ve turned a corner in my career as a traveler. I know that inconveniencing myself to save a dollar is meaningless. It’s not fun anymore. There are no longer bragging rights to be won. What I gain in saving a buck I lose in time trying to save it.

When I inquired about a way to get from Manila to Baguio the Victoria Liner bus service was immediately mentioned, and I found no reason to look for an alternative. For US$11.50 I could take the higher class service, have A/C and WIFI over the seven or eight hours from point A to B. That’s hardly a buck fifty per seat hour. Globally speaking, that’s a good deal, and travel experience has taught me that even if I could find a cheaper service it couldn’t be that much cheaper. Maybe I could save a dollar.

This is a lesson that took me many years on the road to learn: saving $1 is not worth an hour of travel. Pay the buck, sit back, and enjoy that hour you’re not spending being a miser.


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