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Bulgaria and Turkey Named the Cheapest Holiday Destinations

Bulgaria and Turkey are ranked the cheapest places to visit in Europe. Read this article to find out why they are cheap places to visit from Dubai. 


This year, the price of almost everything went up, from gas to taxes to holiday celebrations. This year, it’s possible that European countries will seem more expensive since we’re all trying to save money wherever we can. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any deals anywhere.

When looking for cheap places to stay, we often forget that the prices of “hidden” things like food and drink can change a lot from one country to the next.

After all, you won’t save much money if you find a cheap Airbnb, only to find out that it costs £6 a pint and £100 for every dinner.

The Post Office released the most current version of its Holiday Money Report in March. This report looks at the prices of things that tourists often buy. And Turkey and Bulgaria, both beautiful and have a lot of sunshine, were the best places to have fun for the least amount of money.

Therefore if you are planning a holiday vacation in Europe, Turkey, and Bulgaria are the countries to visit. You can get a Bulgaria visa from Dubai which will allow you to visit two countries. 

Cheap places to visit in Europe 

Marmaris Sea in Turkey is the most affordable place to go on vacation. A basket of eight things tourists will likely buy during their summer trips costs €31.45 or £26.13. This number was used to create the average price of the things in the basket. 

According to the Post Office UK, the entire cost of a three-course dinner with wine for two people, a bottle of beer, a can of Coca-Cola, a glass of wine,  a large bottle of water,  sunscreen, and bug spray may be purchased in Turkey for €31.45.

SchengenVisaInfo.com also says that similar things can be bought for €31.52 at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, ranked the second-cheapest place to visit. 

Algarve in Portugal is the most affordable place to vacation in the Eurozone and is ranked third out of 36 locations. A stay in Algarve costs about 25% less than a stay in Costa del Sol, Spain’s sixth-best place to go on vacation.

Cape Town, which is in South Africa, and Paphos, which is in sixth place, have prices of €64.14 and €68.01, respectively. On the other hand, the tourist sites in Portugal cost about €53.49 per person. 

Even though prices in Cyprus have gone down by 15%, the country has moved from 11th to 5th on the list. Travel prices to Cape Town have also decreased by 1.6%, making it the most affordable long-haul destination.

Also, prices in Greece have decreased by more than 15% since last year. This is especially true on the island of Corfu. 

Funchal, in Madeira, has reached €77.18, which is a small increase from other months, and Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands of Spain, has hit €85.71. 

Even though Prague, which is in the Czech Republic, is not a vacation spot, it is still a cheap place to visit, with the cost of essential things adding up to €80.84.

 “Prices have generally decreased because the pound is stronger than other currencies. According to a survey conducted by the Post Office, “Once the sterling exchange rate is applied to prices in the local currency, in half of the destinations examined, British tourists will pay less. 

Most expensive place in Europe  

In the southeast of the continent, Bulgaria has the lowest prices, while countries in the north have the highest. According to the study, Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, has the highest overall cost of living. 

Items looked

The following are some of the items that were looked at:

  • Cup of filtered coffee
  • Bottle of local beer/lager
  • Bottle/can of Coca-cola/Pepsi
  • Glass of wine
  • 1.5bottle of mineral water
  • Suncream
  • Insect repellant
  • Three-course evening meal for two

Several of the results are also surprising. For example, a beer bottle in Bulgaria costs only 45 pence, but the same thing costs £1.54 in Marmaris, Turkey. A bottle of wine in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, costs only 1.12 pounds, while the same thing costs £1.84 in Marmaris.

In the meantime, a cup of coffee costs 59 pence in Turkey and 58 leva in Bulgaria. This shows that the two countries are similar to each other. In Marmaris, Turkey, a can of Coca-Cola costs 61 pence, but in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, it only costs 58 pence. 

Mineral water in Bulgaria costs 36 pence per bottle, while only 8 pence in Turkey. One of the most expensive things on the list was sun cream, which cost an average of 4.21 pounds in Turkey and 2.24 pounds in Bulgaria. 

Most of us bring sunscreen and bug spray from home, which cost an average of 1.14 pounds in Turkey and 1.35 pounds in Bulgaria, but that’s not always the case. Almost always, the cost of meals will be the thing that affects the total cost of a trip the most. 

Also, in Turkey, you can get a delicious evening meal for two with three plates and a bottle of wine for the very low price of 16.02 British Pounds. 

In Bulgaria, you could get the same meal for £19.51. This is still a great deal, especially when you compare it to famous places like the Costa del Sol, which costs £41.90, or Corfu, whose total price is £48.08.


If you want to go on holiday this year but don’t want to spend much money, check out what Sunny Beach or Marmaris offers.

In Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, the average high temperature in July is a nice 29 degrees, while in Marmaris, Turkey, the average high temperature in July and August is 35 degrees. In both places, the usual low temperature is a nice 26 degrees.


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