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Extreme Budget Travel

  • Save on Airline Baggage Fees: Carry Heavy Items in a Fishing Vest

    I really hate airlines and the ever decreasing baggage allowances. If I’m on a plane with my family, it’s usually because we are moving. That means we have most of our worldly possessions in our bags. I’m also a cheap vagabond and I’m not going to pay more to move something than what it’s worth. [...]

  • Money Saving Tips for a Retirement Abroad: What I Don’t Spend Money On

    Reality check for those who are seriously thinking about a traveling retirement: It is almost nine o’clock in the morning, it’s getting dark outside – that means it’s going to rain, again. Maybe I should say it’s going to rain some more. Yes, definitely rain. I hear fat drops hitting the tin roof of my [...]

  • Travel Budget for China Question

    “Hey Wade, read your site for quite some time now and am currently in the preliminary stages of planning a trip to China. I’m curious as to what you think someone traveling solo could expect to pay per day. I realize you preach the 10-15 per day anywhere motto. I like this. Is this reasonably [...]

  • How Much Does it Really Cost to Travel the World

    How much does it really cost to travel the world? I’m asked this question often, and I’m always forced to shrug my shoulders and say that a traveler’s expense sheet is based more on their comfort threshold, travel methods, drinking habits, and site-seeing ambitions than on the basic costs of just about any country. It [...]

  • Travel in Less Expensive Countries – Key 2 for a Perpetual Travel Retirement

    “So, Gar. What is a “less expensive” country?” I’m glad you asked that. A less expensive country is one where you can live cheaper than you are living now. If you are in the USA, that would be Mexico, Central America, most of South America, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam), India, and several countries [...]

  • How to Find Apartments When Traveling Abroad Part 1

    The first article in the Renting Apartments Abroad series focused on the benefits of staying in apartments as oppose to hotels or hostels when traveling, and this article is going to show just how to find and rent them. First off, there is generally two ways to land an apartment when traveling in a foreign [...]

  • Hopping Trains in Australia

    It was late summer in the southern hemisphere and I had been traveling in Australia for only two weeks when a friend told me about IronFest. Nothing sounded better to me than jousting, battle reenactments and blacksmithing in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney, so I was off. I bid my friends in [...]

  • How to Make Milanesa Breaded Beef Fillets

    Milanesa, a breaded meat fillet that is most often made from beef — though can also be made from chicken or veal — is a recent addition to the Vagabond Cookbook. I would relish this meat in restaurants throughout my travels in Mexico, and one day my wife ended up just making it herself in [...]

  • Meat, Vegetables, and Rice: A Traveler’s Meal

    Rice is easily available and cheap throughout the world. I must struggle to think of a place in the world that I’ve traveled to where dry rice is sold for over a dollar a pound. It is also a highly nutritious grain that can serve as a base for just about any meal. For the traveler, rice [...]

  • Traveler Pasta, a Staple Meal of the Vagabond Cookbook

    An old classic of the Vagabond Cookbook and spin off of vag style chicken noodle soup is this simple and nutritious meal that can be made dirty cheap virtually anywhere in the world: Traveler Pasta. The Vagabond Journey family nearly lives off this meal, and can be found eating it in some form or other [...]