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Cheap Food

  • How to Eat Cheaply Eat Beans and Rice

    Want to eat cheaply? The dry bean experiment — A travelogue entry on the cost benefits of eating dry beans. Traveling with an electric burner or another cooking device, a pot, and putting the time into cooking a couple loads of beans a week could dramatically lower the cost of travel. Vagabond Journey Travel Tips [...]

  • Police in America Food Not Bombs Flagstaff Arizona

    Free Food in Flagstaff, Arizona — “They stole our banner,” whined a young white girl in an odd sort of white rasta tam from behind a couple large pots of food and a bowl of fruit salad sitting on a brick wall in Flagstaff’s Wheeler Park. By “they” she meant the police. I filled up [...]

  • How to Eat Roadkill

    Eat Roadkill to Save Travel Funds — This travelogue entry suggests another way to save money to travel by eating roadkill. If done properly, roadkill can provide an occasional free meal when the opportunity arises. This entry also shows how to skin and dress a squirrel. Part of the philosophy of travel is to never [...]

  • Travel and Work on Farms

    Traveling on the Path of the Sedentary– In a Biblical sense, the act of farming was the great metaphor for sedentarization. And thus man ceased wandering, took up the hoe, and walled himself into cities. In a momentary expression of my new found — though ultimately, temporary — sendentarization, I took up work on an [...]

  • How to Dumpster Dive for Free Food

    How to Find Free Food — Immediately prior to stepping foot off the farm for my first journey, my grandfather – who lived much of his life on the Road — took me aside and imparted some wise words of advice that have subsequently gotten me out of more jams and saved me more money [...]