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Cheap Food

  • Cheap Food Bangkok

    Food is the biggest rip off in travel.

  • How Much Food $5 Gets You In China

    Food is cheap in China. I’ve said it before, now here’s the proof.

  • How to Make Milanesa Breaded Beef Fillets

    Milanesa, a breaded meat fillet that is most often made from beef — though can also be made from chicken or veal — is a recent addition to the Vagabond Cookbook. I would relish this meat in restaurants throughout my travels in Mexico, and one day my wife ended up just making it herself in [...]

  • Meat, Vegetables, and Rice: A Traveler’s Meal

    Rice is easily available and cheap throughout the world. I must struggle to think of a place in the world that I’ve traveled to where dry rice is sold for over a dollar a pound. It is also a highly nutritious grain that can serve as a base for just about any meal. For the traveler, rice [...]

  • Traveler Pasta, a Staple Meal of the Vagabond Cookbook

    An old classic of the Vagabond Cookbook and spin off of vag style chicken noodle soup is this simple and nutritious meal that can be made dirty cheap virtually anywhere in the world: Traveler Pasta. The Vagabond Journey family nearly lives off this meal, and can be found eating it in some form or other [...]

  • Chicken Noodle Soup Vagabond Style

    If you have facilities to cook for yourself  (a tuna can or a camp stove or portable electric burner with a pot would do) it is possible to feed yourself high quality, nutritional food for under $5 per day just about anywhere in the world. What could be called basic, nutritional raw food  — meat, vegetables, fruit, starch [...]

  • Mexican Menu

    What is a Menu in Latin America? and Good Food in Mexico SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- In Latin America, the term “menu” does not mean the little booklet that has lists of all the things that are available to consume at a restaurant, but, more accurately, it means a set dish or two [...]

  • Fruit Picking Tool

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- “What do the people here use to get Mangoes out of trees?” I asked in El Salvador. There were two prevailing answers: 1. You throw rocks up at the tree branches and, if you are a good shot, dodge any fruit or stones that come streaming down towards your head. 2. Use [...]

  • Cheap Food is Bad Food in USA

    Eating Bad in the USA — I am proud of the American people — my people. I am proud because my people have somehow managed to take food from the earth, process it into a plastic, and then turn around and sell it to me as food again.The USA has the worst cheap food on [...]

  • How to Eat Roadkill on CBS News Phoenix

    Yes, they really wanted to put this on TV.