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BRUNEI: A Peaceful Oasis Or The Most Boring Place On Earth?

There’s two sides to Brunei. Literally.

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Imagine a place where there are no drunks laying around in the streets, where there is no need to fear thieves, no reason to be suspicious of your neighbor, no drug addicts lurching about in the shadows, no prostitutes on street corners.

Imagine a place that’s innocent and peaceful, where people smile and say hello as they pass by in the streets, where people know their neighbor and go out of their way to lend you a hand just for the fun of it.

Imagine a place where the king and queen open up their balance and welcome the masses in three times per year, providing free food to everyone and personally chatting with anyone who wishes to meet them.

Imagine a place where people’s housing, gasoline, and healthcare are all subsidized by the government — where it costs 75 cents to get a check up and 75 cents to get open heart surgery.

That place is Brunei.

Imagine a place that is ruled by a decadent, sex and luxury obsessed monarchy, where the people have laws imposed upon their behavior that they don’t support, a type of where

That place is also Brunei.

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