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Border Crossing

  • What is a Code 3 UK Immigration Stamp?

    Q: I was given a code 3 stamp in my passport when entering England (UK) via Gatwick, what does this mean? A: Generally, being given a code 3 entry stamp when going through UK immigration is nothing to worry about in and of itself. All landings in England/ UK are coded, and tourists are generally [...]

  • How to Plan for a Long Journey

    Q: How do you go about planning for a long overland travel journey? What factors do you take into account — such as visas, methods of travel, environment, seasonal climate change, security of countries en route, current events — and how do you overcome/ prepare for these hoops to jump through and obstacles to avoid? [...]

  • CA-4 Visa for Central America Explained

    CA-4 Visa for Central America Explained FLORES, Guatemala- I sit one tick from exiting Guatemala after a five and a half month stay in the CA-4 region. The CA-4 is an agreement between Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua to decrease their internal borders and pull together into one region for immigration. So if you [...]

  • No More Schengen Visa Overstays

    The following is a comment that I received from a reader about how unpunished Schengen visa overstays will soon be a convenience of the past: Soon, you will not need to worry about WHETHER you will be caught for overstaying since procedures and technology will change. You will be required to obtain an entry and [...]

  • Entering England UK After Overstaying Schengen Visa

    Hello, Yes, you are very correct, England is a little vigilant on Schengen visa overstayers — often much more so than some of the actual countries of the Schengen region themselves — but this does not mean that they process and send back all visa overstayers for punishment. Though it is true that some travelers [...]

  • How to Prepare for Crossing Borders

    Question: What is your strategy for crossing borders when on a long overland journey? Do you have a set procedure that you follow? Any tips? Suggestions for crossing land borders? Dave’s response: My biggest strategy would be to map it out. Mark your starting destination, and then your end destination. Work out two routes from [...]

  • CA-4 Means No More El Salvador Entry Tax

    SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador- I entered El Salvador from Guatemala. I had thirty USD packed neatly away in my vest pocket to pay the ten dollar entry fee that I knew would come for myself, my wife, and baby. But as I walked through the gates of El Salvador, I found this money still in my pocket. There were no entry fees, we did not receive stamps in our passports, an immigration official just took our documents, fondled them for a moment, and handed them back.

  • Corrupt Immigration Officers Dominican Republic

    SANTIAGO AIRPORT, Dominican Republic- “No se acceptan dinero. Ni pesos, ni dollares, ni Euro,” was written on large posters stuck to the front of each immigration booth at the Santiago international airport.

    Apparently, these signs are suppose to keep the immigration officials honest. My experience can only attest that these posters do not function as intended.

  • Crossing Border Haiti to Dominican Republic

    HAITI- And then the bus exploded. I am not joking. 30 Haitians clogged the minibus’ door in a solid mass of black arms, legs. A dish of rice when flying, I saw a large butt squeezed in there somewhere, people were yelling, while hot steam and smoke was shooting out from the engine all over the inside of the bus.

    I jumped out a window.

  • Travel from Dominican Republic to Haiti

    CAP HAITIEN, Haiti- There are two main public transport options for getting from the Dominican Republic to Haiti overland.

    1. Take an express bus from either Santiago or Santo Domingo.
    2. Take a local bus to the border, walk across, then find transport on the other side.

    Neither option is very difficult.