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Boat Travel

  • Learning to Sail in Maine on the Penobscot Bay

    Sailing Penobscot Bay — I am learning how to sail in the Penobscot Bay of Maine near Belfast. I have discovered that in order to learn how to sail I need to take my face out of the ‘how to sail’ books and get in a boat on the water. Through meeting a friend and [...]

  • Cruising the World by Sea Expenses

    How much does it cost to travel by sea? — What are the expenses for traveling the world by sea? How much does it cost for a year aboard a boat? From asking around, it is my impression that the costs are relative to your approach: if you put effort into your living and do [...]

  • Cost to Buy Sailboat and Travel

    Estimated amount of money we will need to begin traveling by sea – – “How long do you think it will be before they have their our boat?” Midwife questioned the rest of the sailing party as we beat against the waves towards Maine’s Belfast harbor. After looking upon our smiling faces, consensus was within [...]

  • Vagabonds Learning to Sail

    Vagabonds Learning to Sail — “It looks as if the bug bit them,” spoke Midwife as she watched my wife Chaya and I man the helm of her partner’s sailboat last weekend. After baiting Chaya and I in with the idea that we should continue our travels by sea, Midwife made good on her catch [...]

  • Buying a Sailboat to Travel the World by Sea

    Travel the World by Sea — Vagabond Family Looking to Buy a Sailboat — “”If I found myself anywhere or amongst people I did not care for, all I had to do was to heave up my anchor and go somewhere else. That’s one of the main advantages of living aboard a boat. When you [...]

  • Ferry Aqaba Jordan to Egypt Burned Vagabonds

    Travelers Burned at Aqaba Ferry Port From the new edition of Lonely Planet’s Middle Eastern guidebook, Jordan chapter about the ferry that runs between Aqaba, Jordan and Egypt: “There are two boat services from Aqaba to Nuweiba in Egypt . . . The fast boat (one hour) leaves daily except for Saturday and costs US$36/ [...]

  • Ferry from Aqaba to Egypt

    Hello Craig, It would have cost $120 to $140 for both of us to take the ferry from Jordan to Egypt (Aqaba to Nuweiba). The fast boat was $70 per person and the slow one $60. No way. The boat company decided recently to double their already expensive fares (though I have a large suspicion [...]

  • Boat Transport on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    I entered the Guatemalan village of San Pedro by boat yesterday. Whether we would return to Panajachel from Santiago Atitlan or visit San Pedro was a coin toss at the docks. The boatmen of Lake Atitlan are shifty characters and try to get as much money as is possibly out of travelers. We knew that [...]

  • Dreaming of Cameroon

    Dreaming of CameroonI have always had a deep interest in Cameroon. I don’t know why. I know nothing about Cameroon. I think I just like the sound of it: Cam-e-roon. It sounds wild to me. When I was a kid, Erik the Pilot and I would play a Nintendo World Cup soccer game where you [...]

  • Setubal to Vila Nova de Milfontes by Bicycle

    From Setubal to Vila Nova de Milfontes by BicycleVila Nova de Milfontes, PortugalNovember 7, 2007Wade from www.VagabondJourney.comSetubal was a nice stopover, but it was time to move on. So we packed up our steeds (bikes) to their fullest extent, filled our yellow plastic milk crate gear basket with our rucksacks, and headed south- South to [...]