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Boat Travel

  • Folding Bicycle and Inflatable Boat: the Ultimate Vagabond Set Up?

    For me, freedom is a bicycle. Adventure begins at a front wheel and ends at a rear one with a set of peddles, a seat, and a set of handlebars in between. From the time I was a young boy exploration and bicycles were always inseparable. Now that I’m all grown up, I have to say [...]

  • Mekong Boating Adventure Interview with Sam Bove | Vagabond TV Episode 1

    Adventure is not dead, and Sam Bove is my living proof. It is rare that I meet another traveler who not only dreams up fantastic journeys, but actually does them. In the vein of Richard Halliburton, Bove seems to seek an understanding of the world through direct and close experience, and he is not hesitant to use unconventional means in this pursuit. Though only 21, he has already undertaken multiple adventures through the world, having ridden a bicycle from Oregon to Central America and back up to Florida, walked across Italy, sailed yachts through the Caribbean, built a boat by hand and sailed it down the Mekong River, and is currently planning to buy a horse and ride into the mountains of Chiapas.
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErGfwoNHmPw]

  • Sport Methods for Long Term Travel

    Sport Methods for Long Term Travel Bicyclers peddle accross continents, kayaks paddle across seas, trekkers hike into the truly remote, and climbers tread into mountainous no-man’s-lands, and these activities are called sports. I call them methods of travel. Though I must admit that in practice there is a difference between the two, but if this difference was [...]

  • Travel by Sailboat Earn Money Selling in Streets

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- Captain Jim was peddling his handmade soaps on the main street of Zipolite when I found him framed in the view finder of my rolling camera. I was shooting a video about the traveling street vendors here, and as I was taking in the soaps, massage oils, and other cosmetics and curios that [...]

  • Is Cruising Around the World Too Expensive?

    Sailing and living on a boat used to be a cheap way to travel the world. Has this changed?

  • Travel to Belize Islands

    Travel to Belize Cayos Cays Keys Islands BELIZE CAYOS, Belize — On my third incident of travel through the tapering isthmus of Central America, I have finally set foot on Belizean soil. I helped lead a tour out from the Finca Tatin in Guatemala to the southern cayos of Belize. A two hour speed boat [...]

  • Maya in Cayucos Rich Tourists in Yachts

    RIO DULCE JUNGLE, Guatemala- The type of boat that the Maya fishermen in the jungles of Guatemala use to chase their game is called a cayuco. I must admit that sitting with three men in a cayuco is not an easy task. There is more than enough room in a cayuco for three men, as [...]

  • Dream of Sailing Continues in Rio Dulce Caribbean

    Dream of Sailing Continues on the Rio Dulce, near Caribbean FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- The dream of sailing the world continues as I sit on the Rio Tatin, a tributary of the Rio Dulce, one of the most famous hideaways in the world for sailors. There are large sailboats everywhere, some of them are being sailed [...]

  • How to Make Money Traveling by Sailboat

    Is it possible to work while traveling quickly? Hello Mellissa, From my experience, I have found that it may be a mute effort to try to look for formal employment when traveling if you only want to be a places for few days: you will probably spend as much time looking for work as you [...]

  • Quartzsite Yacht Club

    I become a member of the Quartzsite Yacht Club — “Welcome Aboard – long time, no sea!” -the motto of the Quartzsite Yacht Club I joined a yacht club. I joined a yacht club in the middle of the Sonoran desert. There is no water, no sea access, no rivers in sight of this yacht [...]