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Bicycle Travel on Vagabond Journey

  • Two Styles of Bicycle Travel in Iceland

    When bicycling Iceland you can be posh and trendy … or go the other route.

  • To Bicycle Iceland Mountains or Highway?

    HLADIR, Iceland- The third day into bicycling in Iceland I found myself staring down a big decision: to cut through the mountains on a gravel road or continue taking a nicely paved road that connects with the dreaded Ring Road — the main highway of Iceland. My destination was Borgarnes, a small city on the [...]

  • Reykjavik to Hvalfjordur – Whale Fjord – by Bicycle

    HVALFJORDUR, Iceland- I finally made it out of Reykjavik, battled the wind around the bay, rumble strips on the highway, and soon found myself peddling my two wheel steed out in the open countryside of Iceland. Though the cars and trucks flew by on the highway close and fast enough to occasionally send me rocking [...]

  • Exiting Reykjavik by Bicycle

    Leaving Reykjavik by bicycle REYKJAVIK, Iceland — “The roads are not made for cyclists,” I was told by the motorcycle traveler Troy Rank, a fellow traveler from my home city of Rochester, New York who’d just rode a motorcycle around Iceland. “The wind is nuts. We were out there near Vik, and the wind was [...]

  • Scavenging Reykjavik

    Scavenging Iceland “You have been really lucky so far,” a friend exclaimed after I told him of my clutch scavenging successes around Reykjavik. “Yes,” I agreed, “I am definitely being lead somewhere.” It is a funny thing when you find exactly what you are looking for in the first place you look for it. However [...]

  • Gear List for Bicycle Travel in Iceland

    Gear for Bicycling in Iceland This is a list of my gear for this bicycle journey around Iceland. 1- Pink mountain bike with gear rack, tub, and two panniers. 2- Spare tubes 1- Extra wheel with good tire and tube 1- Adjustable wrench 1- Multitool 2- One meter long bungee cords 1- Long spool of [...]

  • Gear Carrying System for Bike Tramping

    Reykjavik, Iceland- “So you are riding on bicycle?” an Icelandic guy at the campsite in Reykjavik asked me. I nodded. “Then you must belong to the crazy people,” he stated before turning heel and walking away. My used, pink 18 speed mountain bike that I picked up from the back room of a bicycle shop [...]

  • Proposed Route of Bicycle Travel for Iceland

    Reykjavik, Iceland- The bicycle is just about all set up — gear racks have been made, my equipment has been assembled, I am all ready to pack up camp and roll out of Reykjavik. Going north first, as I was told that the wind blows through Iceland predominately from the east. “Are you going clockwise [...]

  • Bicycle for Traveling Iceland’s Ring Road

    On a tip from Arni from the Iceland mountain bike club I went in search of a used bicycle in Reykjavik in the shops that specialize in selling new bikes. Apparently, it is common for these shops to offer discounts on the purchase of new bicycles if you trade in your old one. Nobody seemed to [...]

  • Preparing for Bicycle Travel in Iceland

    In search of a bicycle and notes on the road ahead in Reykjavik “Don’t expect to pay more than 30,000, 35,00 for a used bike,” I was told early on in my search for a bicycle in Reykjavik. “But for this price you will probably have to make some repairs to it.” 30,000 to 35,000 [...]